French Horn Rebellion and Savoir Ador Release 'The Fire' Remix

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Today, This Song Is Sick premiered a new remix from the collaboration between French Horn Rebellion & Savoir Adore, you can hear the Autograf remix HERE.

Winter is here. As the snow falls and icicles form we need to keep a fire in our hearts. We pack into cozy bars to get warm and dance by the firelight to remember we're alive. In "The Fire" Savoir Adore's forest fantasy pop blends with French Horn Rebellion's hot dancefloor beats. The two bands, related by marriage for the last few years, have finally collaborated to keep you warm all season long. Make like David of FHR and Deidre of Savoir Adore and cuddle up under the disco ball, dancing the night away.

Earlier, the brother duo, who turn their live show into a full band ensemble, revealed their video for "Caaalifornia" via VEVO HERE. Robert and David run around San Francisco as 12-inch little guys as they search for the most beautiful Caaalifornian they had ever seen, Bebe Panthere.

French Horn Rebellion are Robert and David Perlick-Molinari, two brothers born and bred in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. In 2007, younger brother Robert was playing French horn in the Chicago Civic Orchestra, and decided to make hot beats instead. After telling the conductor that Mahler isn't fun anymore he asked his bassoon-toting brother, David to join with him. And so it was, a French Horn Rebellion began.

Since then, they boys have travelled 5 continents with French horn slung over their back, doing shows with MGMT, Yelle, Cut Copy, and others along the way. Also, they've pioneered a new genre called 'Next Jack Swing,' like New Jack, but with heavy beats and funkier bass lines. Their latest EPs, Poster Girl (with Database), Girls (ft JD Samson and Fat Tony) and Love is Dangerous (ft J Pat from The Knocks), Dancing Out (ft Jody Watley), Friday Nights (with Viceroy) and Caaalifornia (ft Bebe Panthere and Ghost Beach) are out now.

French Horn Rebellion LIVE:
2/21 - Denver, CO @ Sightlow
3/3 - Chicago, IL @ Reggie's
3/6 - Brooklyn, NY @ Glasslands Gallery
3/9 - Allston, MA @ Great Scott (w/ New Young Pony Club)
3/21 - Montreal, QC @ Le Belmont

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