FIRST LISTEN: Justin Bieber Shares New 'Post Arrest' Single 'Broken'

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Pop star Justin Bieber has shared his new song "Broken," featuring rapper Blake Kelly. On Friday, February 21, the singer, who has found himself involved with a host of legal issues of late, tweeted a link to the mixtape site featuring "Broken" as part of DJ Tay James' "We Know The DJ Radio 4" playlist.

Examining the lyrics to the song makes one wonder if he is singing of the legal woes and negative press he has received in recent weeks: "I guess they want a reaction / I ain't gonna give it to 'em," and repeating "I cannot be broken / Like I know you were hoping." Toward the end of the nearly three-minute track, Bieber veers into a verse about taking "a cruise on the smooth highway / I ain't even trying to get away."

Bieber has received numerous awards, including both Artist of the Year Awards at the 2010 American Music Awards and the 2012 American Music Awards, and was nominated for Best New Artist and Best Pop Vocal Album at the 53rd Grammy Awards.

With a global fan base, termed as "Beliebers", and over 40 million followers on Twitter, he was named by Forbes magazine in 2012 as the third-most powerful celebrity in the world.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

FIRST LISTEN: Justin Bieber Shares New 'Post Arrest' Single 'Broken'

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