Extended Preview Of Tonight's GLEE 'Tested' Ep

Extended Preview Of Tonight's GLEE 'Tested' EpFOX's hit musical dramedy series Glee returns with a new episode tonight titled "Tested" and an extended First Look at the ep is now available to view.

The official description of GLEE's "Tested" is as follows: "Blaine discovers his newfound love of "cronuts" has the residual side-effect of weight gain - namely, the dreaded "Freshman Fifteen." Combined with witnessing a more physically fit and self-confident Kurt's star rapidly rising at NYADA while his simultaneously wanes, the increasingly pudgy former dreamboat begins to suffer a Crisis in confidence... leading to some uncharacteristic behavior. As "Film School Artie" enjoys a success with the ladies that "High School Artie" never could have hoped for, he is quick to avail himself of all opportunities presented him. However, he soon discovers that his Casanova's ways come at a price, one which may preclude him from making the one special connection he truly desires. As roommates Sam and Mercedes explore being a couple, she confesses that she is still a virgin and is not sure when (or if) she will be ready for them to make love for the first time. While the smitten Sam agrees to wait as long as she wants, he nevertheless tries to do everything he can to prove his worthiness and expedite the process... while she seeks outside advice from several sources."

GLEE airs Tuesdays at 8 PM on FOX.

More information on Glee is available at the official site here.

View the new extended preview of GLEE's "Tested" below.

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