'Early Morning Thizz Latin Nights' Tour Promotes Underground Hip-Hop Artist Network

July 29
7:33 2014
'Early Morning Thizz Latin Nights' Tour Promotes Underground Hip-Hop Artist Network

National Artist Network, Thizz Latin, has partnered with Tru Avenue Clothing Co. and Vital Management, Inc. to produce the first ever Vital/ThizzLatin Artist Promotion tour franchise. Starting with Part 1 entitled "Early Morning Thizz Latin Nights," Thizz Latin/Black N Brown CEO Julio "GoldToes" Sanchez has upgraded his 2014 strategy by adding industry veteran Ilka T. De León to their event production roster. With the addition of Vital Management and Tru Avenue Clothing, this new venture is creating exciting PR and Production efforts that are enhancing a platform for a refreshed and overdue view of Thizz Latin's musically powerful artists.

Going back to basics to connect people with the music and musician is central to their effort as the group sets out on the road to serve up Hip-Hop performances throughout the Mid and Southwest routes. It's a "grit and grind effort," says GoldToes, to reconnect the artists with fans and return to the importance of in person experiences in a technological age. "We want fans to get excited, and have a full experience that delivers," says the Thizz Latin CEO as he explains the breadth of the network across the US and abroad reaching membership numbers in the thousands.

The production team made careful decisions for this important, mold breaking, tour lineup that sets the bar high for showmanship and performance. Starting August 28th in Omaha, NE celebrating tour headliner, Latin Threat's, new EP release aptly titled "Early Morning Long Nights," the team expects top ranked performance from their artists. "Latin Threat is a great example of the artist maturity and musicality within the Thizz Latin framework that only needs a supportive team and nudge in the right direction to build momentum and gain recognition from major label artists and A&R staff at companies like Bad Boy Records, Universal Music and more," says manager Ilka T. De León.


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