Characula Announces Upcoming Full Album

Characula Announces Upcoming Full Album

More than 30 years after Michael Jackson's legendary track, album and creep-out video stunned the world, it's "Thriller" night again. Only this time, it's got the kick ass edge of spooky-wicked, dimension-busting horror rocker Characula (

More than simply a creepy-fun alter ego for multi-talented singer, songwriter and performer Cheri Anaclerio, Characula is her turned inside out, and upside down. She unleashes the demons in her powerhouse imagination to create, in a tip of the blood-dripped cap to Frank Zappa, blistering music about monsters, sex and rock 'n roll.

Lady Gaga's got her "little monsters," named for a track on her multi-platinum The Fame Monster, but Characula is a full-time musical phantom, roaming and dreaming in a world where vampires, werewolves, space aliens and even your next door neighbor have looked good on her plate...and bed! That is when she's not in her Clark Kent mode applying the other side of her brain to her day job as a hardware engineer working for a major electronics company.

Characula may not be able to hide her wild inner truth from anyone much longer, considering the momentum that's been building since fall 2012. Before Halloween and for a few weeks after, her infectiously ghoulish single "Mummy Dance" snagged airplay on numerous Top 40 stations across the country; her follow-up, a blazing cover of Bad Company's "Ready For Love," recently jumped ten spots into the Top 50 on the Mediabase Activator Chart, just behind superstars Maroon 5, Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull, Bruno Mars and Mumford and Sons.

In her live band video for "Ready For Love," she sports two different looks, one with a red "electro-shocked" wig, and the other with black hair and wearing a nightgown from the 1940's -because in those old black and white horror movies she loves, the female victims are always wearing nightgowns. She is also shooting videos for "Come On Baby" (a searing blend of seduction and evil) and "Mummy Dance."

When she's not traveling back and forth in time, spending nights in the 69th and 666th dimension and prowling the streets after midnight hunting for lecherous monsters and lonely men, Characula is busy putting the finishing touches on her full-length debut album. The project is helmed by renowned rock producer Dito Godwin, whose vast resume includes No Doubt, Great White, members of KISS and Motley Crue.