Brooklyn YouTube Sensation Michelle Citrin Releases 'Shake Your Grogger'

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First she reached millions with "20 things to do with Matzah", then there was "Call Your Zeyde" to help the Obama Campaign. Now, Brooklyn based singer/songwriter Michelle Citrin's latest release is sparking conga lines throughout the land with a new Purim classic, "Shake Your Grogger". Within 24 hours, it's already reached thousands of hits. Check it out below!

Michelle sets original lyrics filled with wit and rhyme to everyone's favorite party anthem, Harry Belafonte's calypso classic, "Jump in the Line." The chorus acts as a metaphor for inspiring listeners to follow in the footsteps of those who have stood up against injustice, offering the storyline of Purim's heroine - Queen Esther's victory over the evildoer, Haman.

Citrin says, "I wanted to make a video that celebrates Purim's message of standing up for what you believe in and being unafraid to express yourself."

There is no shortage of expression in this video! Michelle's highly engaging performance and lively stage presence is reminiscent of the charismatic legend, Carmen Miranda. Meanwhile, Michelle is joined by a minion of irresistibly talented Muppet-like Brooklynites who bring fast paced antics and high energy choreography, matched by brilliant animation - perfectly weaved together with precise editing that matches the rhythm impeccably and makes for a brilliantly entertaining music video.

WARNING! You won't be able to watch this video just once and will surely have it stuck in your head for the week to come! The video is family friendly and brilliantly colorful. Not since 'Roger Rabbit,' has the transition from cartoon to real seemed quite so seamless. The concept and execution of this video is trademark of Citrin's genius.

In the tradition of giving to those in need during Purim, proceeds of the audio track are being donated to feed the hungry.

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