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Bluetech Releases New EP Cosmic Dubs

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Bluetech Releases New EP Cosmic Dubs

Bluetech's Cosmic Dubs is finally ready for mass consumption after resting in the archives for almost 2 years. Revered as one of the leaders in the down-tempo movement, the 5 track EP marks the 19th release of Bluetech's 13 year career producing music. A follow up to the wildly popular Basement Dubs released in August of 2013, the 2014 release be exclusively packaged with both Basement Dubs and Cosmic Dubs for good measure. Loaded with sacred intention, this long-awaited collection will finally be available for download in entirety on April 15th, 2014. The producer will hit the road this summer in support the release, with a number of festival dates and theater gigs booked across the lower 48 this season.

Inspired by elements often found in the environment, Cosmic Dubs delivers a natural testament to the percussive elements found in our local environment. Infused with natural organic rhythms the album incorporates sounds of ringing glass, coins, voices and chanting along with other natural elements and their percussive charms. Loaded with subtleties often lost in modern electronic music, Bluetech doesn't rely on bass laden dance tracks --- instead, he plays as much attention to the breath between the notes as he does with the quality of his beats, leaving an airy yet mystical sensibility to his style and sound. Often deep and reflective, his music has a timeless quality, perfect for meditation, yoga or sacred movement of any kind. Likewise, his music has been featured on the wildly popular investigative crime series, CSI Miami.

[Bluetech Releases Cosmic Dubs] It's no surprise that Bluetech draws his influences from the environment from which he lives. The musician has his hands in a number of philanthropic entities including, and the non-profit organization for which he serves as a director, Critical Beats --- dedicated to preserving and protecting Earth's remaining rainforests.

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