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Black Rock Coalition Orchestra, Jonah Smith and More Set for Joe's Pub, Now thru 4/20

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Black Rock Coalition Orchestra, Jonah Smith and More Set for Joe's Pub, Now thru 4/20

Joe's Pub at the Public has announced an exciting lineup of events now through April 20, 2014. Check out the full schedule below and you're sure to find something that strikes your fancy!

Tonight at 7:00 PM

In this one-night-only Public Forum Solo event, Sarah Lewis, cultural historian, curator, and author of the acclaimed new book, The Rise: Creativity, the Gift of Failure, and the Search for Mastery, will deliver a talk about Frederick Douglass' seminal lecture "Pictures and Progress." The lecture argued that before any social progress is possible, we must be able to imagine what a better world could look like. Then, two of America's most celebrated and insightful creative talents, the playwright and screenwriter José Rivera and the celebrated photographer and visual artist Carrie Mae Weems - who has a major retrospective exhibition currently on view at the Guggenheim - will join her to discuss what lessons contemporary artists should take from Douglass's lecture, and what a better world looks like to them.

CLAY VS. LEVI: Sing in the Ring
Tonight at 9:30 PM

CLAY VS. LEVI: The Sing in the Ring is a one-night only heavyweight musician match between Clay Cook and Levi Lowrey. The Georgia natives are set to square off with 90 minutes of knockout hits featuring new music and special collaborative material.

Lowrey's following was built on strong musicianship and earnest songwriting, earning him industry honors and multiple cuts on fellow artists' records including the Zac Brown Band's #1 hit "Colder Weather." He has toured with ZBB, Alabama, The Mavericks and Blackberry Smoke. He formerly fronted alt-bluegrass outfit, Cadillac Sky, which opened on Mumford & Sons' sold-out 2010 tour.

Cook's latest album North Star debuted at #3 on iTunes singer-songwriter albums chart. He attended Berklee School of Music, where he and roommate John Mayer wrote many songs together, including the hit "Neon" from Mayer's first platinum album Room for Squares. Returning to the South, Cook became a part-time member of bands like Sugarland, Shawn Mullins and Marshall Tucker Band before making his eventual home with the Zac Brown Band.

Tuesday, April 8 at 7:00 PM

Silver Ladder is an auditory shot in the arm from veteran touring songwriter Peter Mulvey. Produced by the indomitable Chuck Prophet, the album is a lean, muscular collection of tightly constructed songs, leavening Mulvey's tendency toward ruminative and yearning acoustic songs with a dose of sharp-witted, punchy rock and roll. After a turbulent stretch in his personal life left him at sea, Mulvey decided to write his way out of it. The songs came flooding out over the weeks and months, and within a year he had more than enough for a new record.

Singer/songwriter Caitlin Canty contributes her pure, nuanced singing to her work with several bands (Darlingside, Down Like Silver, etc) in addition to maintaining an active tour schedule of her own. Her most recent album Golden Hour (Oct 2012) is a fan-funded album blending Canty's folk roots with a Western tone, while her Brooklyn-based, Nashville-bred band lends an alt-country flavor to her songs.

Tuesday, April 8 at 9:30 PM

The Black Rock Coalition (BRC) presents the Black Rock Coalition Orchestra in residency at Joe's Pub. Under the creative supervision of BRC co-founder and Living Colour founder Vernon Reid, BRCO will perform three shows throughout 2014, each celebrating Black rock pioneers and movements of the American pop canon. The first show will be Santana Retrospective Redux, Vol. 1, an exploration of the Grammy Award-winning guitar legend's expansive musical career.

In varied iterations, BRCO has performed in some of the world's most respected venues and festivals, honoring Nina Simone, James Brown, WAR, Curtis Mayfield, Betty Davis, Black Women Songwriters, Stevie Wonder, Gil Scott-Heron & more. BRC is the nation's only non-profit, member-supported organization founded to facilitate the maximum empowerment, exposure and expression of Black alternative artists.

Wednesday, April 9 at 7:00 PM

This presentation is a concert version of new musical theater piece, CINDERELLA: The Real True Story. In this gender-bent version of the fairytale classic, Cinderella goes to the Ball disguised as a man, the Princess falls in love with her, and complications ensue. This Cinderella story delivers a rather timely message - all Lovers deserve to have their Happily Ever Afters - a way that is both subversive and accessible. Directed by Darren Katz, the music and lyrics are by Holly Gewandter and book is by Cheryl Moch and Gewandter.

Wednesday, April 9 at 9:00 PM

Ethan Lipton & His Orchestra play an edgy combination of jazz, folk and alternative music with a singer-songwriter core. With melancholy wit and a cockeyed worldview, sepia-toned frontman Lipton and band mates Eben Levy (guitar), Ian Riggs (bass) and Vito Dieterle (sax) deliver songs steeped in mixed-message sincerity and soul. NPR's Weekend Edition has hailed Lipton's work as "Hilarious, twisted, sophisticated, schleppy and sad all at once...songs that take the mundane of life and twist it." New York Magazine declared the group the Best Lounge Act of 2009.

Thursday, April 10 at 7:00 PM

Ever wonder what it's like to have a dreamy job? Comedian Catie Lazarus did too, so she created an utterly addictive, candid and fun talk show about work. April's Employees of the Month are Rosie Perez (actor, choreographer & writer), Wallace Shawn (playwright & actor) and Taylor Mac (actor, playwright & performance artist). The show will also feature music from Beyondo.

Alumni include: Rachel Maddow, Gloria Steinem, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Andrew Rannells, Lewis Black, Robert Smigel, Esther Perel, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and Grover the Muppet.

Thursday & Friday, April 10 & 11 at 9:30 PM

Longtime Joe's Pub favorite Justin Vivian Bond returns to the acclaimed downtown venue for a new long-form show based on the work of Tennessee Williams. In The Drift, JVB creates a new, free associative, collage of spoken word and song inspired by Williams' novella The Roman Spring of Karen Stone about a retired actress who drifts from one space to another through couture, bed, or her own mind. Performances run on select dates through mid-April.

Friday, April 11 at 7:30 PM

Taylor Davis is a classically trained American violinist, arranger and composer. Her passion for video game and film music launched her wildly popular YouTube channel ViolinTay in 2011. She is in high demand as a soloist, having performed on countless video game and film soundtracks as well as live events like the global launch of the game Titanic II (in New York & London). She is also part of the video game rock band Critical Hit, led by Blizzard Entertainment composer Jason Hayes. Davis recently began releasing her own original music starting with her first single "Nebulous" in July 2013, and plans to release a full album of original music in 2014.

Friday, April 11 at Midnight (11:59 PM)

After arriving in New York City to attend college, with only 30 dollars and change in his pocket, Osekre has not looked back. His sound is a combination of lyricism, wit, insight and flow delivered with sweet melodic African hooks. While Afro-Indie describes his style, Jama is the Ghanaian name for his groove; exciting African hooks are immersed in beats that draw from playing soccer barefooted and selling cold water in plastic bags on the streets of Accra. Osekre is the protégé of Kiki Djan, formerly of Osibisa fame. That mentorship has helped him unlock a musical vibe that has a unique local sound regardless of place and space. He performs with his band The Lucky Bastards.

Saturday, April 12 at 7:00 PM

Hassan Hakmoun is one of the most notable figures in contemporary Moroccan music, schooled in the traditional sounds of the Gnawa people in his native Marrakesh. Hakmoun is regarded as a trailblazer for many young Gnawa musicians who have sought out connections with the world beyond their traditional heritage and milieu. Since moving to the U.S. in 1987, his music has absorbed elements of popular styles, from jazz and world music to neo-classical contemporary Western music and cerebral pop, resulting in a diverse, award-winning and critically acclaimed body of work. It has been 23 years since the talented vocalist and sintir player released his first album Gift of the Gnawa, but the time has been spent well. Hakmoun's latest album, Unity, is the finest example of ritual music combined with the heart of American rock, soul and blues ever recorded. Hakmoun's 6-piece ensemble includes the sintir plus vocals, guitar, drums, percussion, flute/sax, and karkaba, the metal double castenets of the Gnawa.

Saturday, April 12 at 9:30 PM

Billy Hough, Susan Goldberg and their usual motley crew devote their next installment of Scream Along With Billy to the films of Underground impresario John Waters. After all, what says Easter like a trailer full of filthy fame-whores? An old woman in a baby crib? Sex with chickens? The answer to these questions and many more will be answered musically, in the nude and via puppets. The show will include the band GarageDogs and more.

Saturdays, April 12 & 19 at 11:30 PM

Somali-Canadian hip-hop artist and philanthropist K'naan is embarking on a month-long residency at Joe's Pub in April. You know him from his collaborations with music greats Nas, Bono, Mos Def and from his 2012 LP release Country, God Or The Girl. The grandson of Haji Mohamed, one of Somalia's most famous poets, and nephew of famed Somali singer Magool, the emcee is forging his own musical path through reggae, funk, pop, soul and, above all, hip-hop. Each week at Joe's Pub (April 12, 19 & 26), he will play intimate acoustic sets of new and old music.

Sunday, April 13 at 7:30 PM

Formed in 2005, Fishtank Ensemble is a gypsy jazz band that has played everywhere from the hip LA clubs to festivals, cultural centers, museums, parades and even on the street. The band includes two explosive violins, the world's best slap bass player, musical saw, flamenco and gypsy jazz guitar, trombone, opera, jazz and gypsy vocals, accordion and one little banjolele. Tackling everything from French hot jazz to wild Serbian and Transylvanian gypsy anthems, Flamenco and oddball originals, the band is a not to be missed event for world music lovers.

Sunday, April 13 at 9:30PM

The Universal Thump is led by sweet-voiced Australian ex-pat singer-songwriter, Greta Gertler Gold and producer, drummer and multi-instrumentalist Adam D. Gold. Known for elaborate, sweeping orchestral pop approach to recordings and live shows, their debut album was described by NPR as "A psychedelic journey of multiple identities as told by Gertler in her transporting, angelic soprano, backed by layers of organs, girl-group harmonies, strings, brass, percussion and what can only be described as futuristic whale noises."

For one night only, they've gathered a line-up of musical friends - NYC's finest singer-songwriters - to create a new Tower of Song (and artisanal matzo): The Seder-Songwriter Project. An all-inclusive, secular, humanist celebration, the project will feature new songs based on the Seder story and rituals, culminating in a modern re-telling and re-interpretation of the Jewish holiday - a "Musical Seder."

The performance features Benjamin Cartel, Carol Lipnik, Pete Galub, Rozz Nash-Coulon, Serena Jost, Jesse Krakow, Alec Spiegelman, Noam Weinstein, Alice Bierhorst, Rebecca Pronsky, Byron Isaacs, Basya Schechter, Anna Copa Cobanna (as 'Moses') and more.

Monday, April 14 at 7:00 & 9:30 PM

As soon as you hear Ashley Monroe, you instantly recognize one thing: she's the real deal. The 26 year-old's songs resonate so profoundly because they reflect the experiences of an artist, who has already seen both the best and worst that life has to offer. Despite her list of previous accomplishments, everything she's done so far feels like it's been pointing the way toward her latest album Like a Rose. With songs that run the gamut from feel-good to controversial to contemplative, the album, produced by country music titan Vince Gill, offers the full range of Monroe's songwriting and performing skills.

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