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Billy Drummond, 'Harlem in the Himalayas' and More Set for The National Jazz Museum in Harlem, Jan 2014

The National Jazz Museum in Harlem has announced its January 2014 schedule. Details below!

**The museum will be closed December 24-27 and January 1 for the holidays**

TODAY, January 7 Jazz For Curious Listeners Broadway Boogie Woogie: Rhythm in the Visual Arts with Bob O'Meally 7:00-8:30 PM Location: The National Jazz Museum in Harlem Join here

Ask a painter to "explain" a painting to you, and within minutes, hands will be flying, as they describe the angles and the rhythms of the images. This evening, we will investigate the influence that jazz had on such masters as Stuart Davis, Piet Mondrian and Romare Bearden. Our guide will be Professor Robert G. O'Meally, Columbia University's Zora Neale Hurston Professor of English and Comparative Literature, and founder and director of the Center for Jazz Studies. His new project is a full study of Bearden's uses of literary subjects, and this evening Professor O'Meally will share his passion for jazz and fine art in an original, provocative and eminently entertaining way.

Thursday, January 9 Harlem Speaks Billy Drummond, Drummer 6:30-8:30 PM Location: The National Jazz Museum in Harlem Join here

Critically acclaimed drummer Billy Drummond joins NJMH this month for our landmark oral history series, Harlem Speaks. Drummond first came to international prominence with the bands of Horace Silver, J.J. Johnson and Sonny Rollins, with whom he spent three formative years. Now one of the busiest players of his generation, Drummond can be heard on nearly 300 albums, including three critically acclaimed recordings as a band leader, one of which - cult hit Dubai (Criss Cross) - was named Number 1 Best Jazz CD that year by the New York Times. He currently leads his own band Freedom of Ideas in New York. A serious student of the drums as well as an exemplary musician, we look forward to this informative and enjoyable evening.

Tuesday, January 14 Jazz For Curious Listeners A Cutting Session: Rhythm in Film With Emily Hubley 7:00-8:30 PM Location: Maysles Cinema (343 Lenox Avenue) Join here

At the root of cinema is the art of editing; the assemblage of footage in time, which by definition creates its own rhythm. As part of our regular collaboration with the Maysles Institute and Cinema, we are proud to present filmmaker Emily Hubley for an inside look on the intersections of rhythm, jazz and cinema. Ms. Hubley worked closely with her parents, pioneer animators Faith and John Hubley, and their classic works utilized music created specifically for the films by Quincy Jones, Benny Carter and Dizzy Gillespie. Ms. Hubley's feature film, The Toe Tactic, had its theatrical premiere at the Museum of Modern Art in January 2009 and was released on DVD by Kino International in the fall. Hubley's films are in the Permanent Collection of the Museum of Modern Art, Department of Film.

Thursday, January 16 Parallax Conversation Series Body and Soul: Rhythm and the Body with Frederick Schjang and LaFrae Sci 7:00-8:30 PM Location: The National Jazz Museum in Harlem Join here

Parallax: noun- The effect whereby the position or direction of an object appears to differ when viewed from different positions.

In this installment of the Parallax Conversation series we will have fitness instructor and physical therapist Frederick Schjang in conversation with drummer LaFrae Sci on the connections between the body, rhythm, and music. With Schjang often taking his students and clients to live jazz shows as part of his healing process and Sci seeing her music as a tool for healing, this session will focus on the way music and rhythm affect our bodies and lifestyle as a whole.

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