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BWW CD Reviews: HOUSE OF LIES (Soundtrack) is a Steamy Mix of Atmospheric Music

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BWW CD Reviews: HOUSE OF LIES (Soundtrack) is a Steamy Mix of Atmospheric Music
Cover Art courtesy of Strange Cargo/Manhattan Records.

On March 4, 2014, Grammy Nominated Music Supervisor Chris Douridas and Grammy-Winning Producer Larry Klein released a 12-track soundtrack for Showtime's hit series House of Lies with Strange Cargo/Manhattan Records. The HOUSE OF LIES (Soundtrack) is a compilation of the best songs from the first three seasons and features Kim Cesarion's "Brains Out," Thomas Dybdhal's "This Love is Here to Stay," Kiko King and creativemaze's "Illusions of Time," and Michael Kiwanuka's "It Always Comes Back Around," all of which are exclusive to the album.

Opening the album, fans of the show will quickly recognize "Bright Lights" from the pilot episode's end credits. This fun and catchy tune is sure to have listeners tapping their toes. It also perfectly sets the tone for the album, easing listeners into the sexy, jazzy, light rock ambience of the collection. The remainder of the album follows suit, offering listeners an experience that is perfectly in tune with the tone and mood of the Showtime series.

Other standout tracks on the disc include the album's third track, "Brains Out," which marks Kim Cesarion's first US release. The track is an infectious, pop anthem with undeniably fun sex appeal. Considered the centerpiece of the album, Norwegian singer Thomas Dybdahl's "This Love is Here to Stay" is a jazzy, sensual song that is sure to get under your skin and stick with you. Moreover, fans of the show can look forward to the song underscoring a pivotal scene in Episode 10 of Season 3, which airs tonight (March 16, 2014) on Showtime. The tenth track, "Illusions of Time," is the worldwide debut of the Berlin based collective Kiko King and creativemaze. The arresting and dark song is strangely emotive and haunting.

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