Amanda Seyfried Sings EXO's K-Pop Hit 'Growl' For Fans

Amanda Seyfried Sings EXO's K-Pop Hit 'Growl' For FansPopular film star and notable LES MISERABLES movie musical lead Amanda Seyfried shows off her vocal chops yet again in a new clip of the actress appearing on a foreign chat show and deigning to lend her voice to a curious fan song submission request.

Seyfried performed the chorus of K-pop hit "Growl" by the popular band EXO when prompted by the host of a popular South Korean chat show while on a promotional tour earlier this month.

Then, after performing the song section once, Seyfried amusingly repeats the chant multiple times when told it would garner her a viral video if she did so given the song's massive popularity in a new clip now available to view of the star's appearance.

That's the spirit, Cosette!

So, what other current international pop sensations would you like to hear Amanda croon for our enjoyment in the future? Any special picks? Whatever the case, she certainly seems more than merely game!

View the clip of Amanda Seyfried singing a snippet of EXO's "Growl" below.

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