Alternative/ Pop Duo Bad Lands to Release 7-Song EP 'Love Heroes', 10/7

Alternative/ Pop Duo Bad Lands to Release 7-Song EP 'Love Heroes', 10/7

Alternative/Pop duo BAD LANDS are set to release a new 7-song EP LOVE HEROES, an intoxicating pop noir love story on October 7. BAD LANDS is critically acclaimed recording artists ROCKY and MOWGLI, formerly known as HE MET HER. The new project is positioned as a sequel to their 2012 EP CRIME NOVELA, dubbed "Buzzworthy" by MTV with the break-out track "CONTROL," and lauded as "a perfect soundtrack for long summer nights" by Elle U.K., as they blissfully jump into the darker side of love and lust.

"We are drawn to the rebellious kind of love, the kind that has no rules and knows no boundaries," the duo comments, looking up to iconic couples such as Johnny Deep and Kate Moss, Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson, and of course Kit and Holly from the 1973 Terrence Malick film "Badlands," which inspired their name. "They were looked upon as reckless by society, but together they had something dynamic which transcended anyone else's opinions. We consider these couples heroes of love."

A chance meeting in 2009 connected Rocky and Mowgli, who both gravitated towards the quintessential Bonnie and Clyde archetype, of a couple being on the run, with not much more than their love to fuel their adventure.

All of the songs on Love Heroes were written prior to applying the noted couples to each track. In so doing, the songs inspired the couples.

The "Badlands" on screen couple of Kit and Holly presented the perfect pairing for the EP's lead track "Shotgun," recorded with producer/artist Alex Kickdrums (Lana Del Rey, A$AP Rocky), setting the mood for Love Heroes. calls lead single "Toknight We Ride" "a dreamy tribute to Johnny Depp and Kate Moss featuring aptly described `hedonistic' lyrics that leaves the listener with a sonic contact high." The musical buzz continues with the seductive track "Chevy Knights" (inspired by Mickey and Mallory from "Natural Born Killers"), produced by Simon Katz from the band Youngblood Hawke, and making you feel as you're floating in the wind.