Alisa Apps Challenges LADY GAGA to $1 Million Duel

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Lady Gaga has been challenged to a televised sing-off by Los Angeles recording artist Alisa Apps, with the winner taking home a cash prize of at least $1 million. The competition would take place at New York's Madison Square Garden or London's O2 Arena, with each singer performing a series of songs.


"I am very proud to be the first independent artist in the history of this world to have challenged a major label recording artist (Lady Gaga) to a televised sing-off. Over the past few months, thousands of people have contacted me via my email and Social media sites expressing their anger about Lady Gaga glorifying suicide, drug use and in addition stealing from, and copying other artists.

In effect, a large part of young Americans are demanding me to be their voice. It is for this reason that I have reinstated my challenge to Lady Gaga.

Millions of people want me to stop her. Frankly, they want to see me to knock her out cold on live television. It is a fight that I very much want. Not only will I be happy to sing and perform but on behalf of America and the American people I will also be happy to step in the ring and physically knock this ugly monster out. She's running scared right now. So, if you see someone who knows her say, 'You're running scared from Alisa Apps. If you ain't got anything to hide then take the challenge.' Lady Gaga I'm calling you out. Stop ducking me and let's fight."

Through the exceptional performing and songwriting talents of its star, Alisa Apps Enterprises proposes to bring the most successful concepts in film and television to the music business for the first time. A live, televised singing competition between Lady Gaga and Alisa Apps, to show the world a musical vision they haven't seen in a long time. Alisa Apps will bring the spectacle of a Muhammad Ali prize fight to the music business, and in doing so bring a Worldwide audience in the tens of millions.

Millions of people want to see this showdown take place calling it the "fight of the century." Billboard hailed it as "a musical Rocky" and others "2013's David vs. Goliath rivalry" possibly the biggest fight ever seen.

Fundraising is underway. The projected partner profit of Alisa Apps Enterprises' first album and tour over 24 months has analyzed earnings of more than $24 million (excluding the Alisa Apps vs. Lady Gaga International Challenge). Investors with questions about funding offerings should contact or call (424) 248-0666.

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