Abby Bernstein to Play The Living Room, 6/5

May 18
1:54 2012


New York-based pop singer-songwriter, Abby Bernstein, releases her sophomore album. Already having performed at renowned NYC venues such as B.B.King Blues Club & Grill, Rockwood Music Hall, and The Bitter End, Abby also recently toured with Barenaked Ladies as their opening act. Abby today announced her upcoming performance at The Living Room on June 5th to promote her second album,Talk in Tongues, which is set to release in early August.

Barnard College graduate, the 24-year-old grew up with influences in blues and jazz. During her years at Barnard, Abby was selected to be the vocalist for Grammy award-winning producer/trumpeter Don Sickler’s Columbia University Jazz Ensemble. Soon thereafter, Abby was accepted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame workshop where Lady Gaga and John Legend also got their starts. Her songwriting skills flourished and she was awarded with the Songwriters Hall of Fame Best New Writer Award in 2010. Her fun and quirky pop songs have been heard in shows on MTV, VH1, HBO and ABC. She has written for a number of advertising campaigns as well.

After producing her first album with Adam Blackstone of The Roots (and current musical director for Maroon 5, Demi Lovato, Jay-Z, Rihanna), Abby decided to go for a more organic feel on her second release. With the help of her many talented friends, Abby was able to achieve a candid and natural aesthetic. The light and often humorous lyrics, offset with fun, catchy tunes will leave listeners upbeat and wanting more. Abby mentions, “I think a lot of times, people think of female songwriters as a sensitive girl strumming on her guitar and I wanted to show on this album that women aren’t so serious all the time.” Her first single, “Mary’s Son,” which tells the story of an affair with a professor’s son, is the perfect example of her witty story-telling and foot-tapping melodies.  


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