AUDIO: The Prettiots Debut 'Dreamboy'

Meet The Prettiots - New York's no-nonsense ukulele wielding 'It Girls' and undoubtedly your next crush. Brimming with all the charm and innocence of Cher Horowitz in Clueless, but armed with the attitude and precocious wit of Winona Ryder in Heathers, this all girl three-piece arrive with glittering, indie art-pop, on their forthcoming EP. Today, they've debuted 'Dreamboy.' Check it out below!

The Prettiots paint an exceptionally vivid portrait of what it's like to be young and living in New York City, using unabashed and no-nonsense songwriting as directed by frontwoman Kay Kasparhauser, and joined by Rachel Trachentburg (Trachentburg Family Slide Show, Supercute!) on drums, and Lulu Prat (Supercute!, The Tangiers) on bass.

Taking a cue from the tongue-in-cheek pop of The Moldy Peaches and the clever love struck lyrics of The Blow, all combined with the ye ye vintage aesthetics of The Shangri-Las, the bands' sophomore EP bursts with shimmering pop songs about what most pop songs are about. The Prettiots may write songs about boys and break ups and feeling down and out - or, as Kasparhauser has so affectionately coined it, "the grumpies," they do so with a flagrant, satirical nod to pop culture. Take track, "Stabler," for example. 'Boy you're my saviour/you're my Elliott Stabler' muses Kasparhauser. And yes - she is referring to well known Law and Order: SVU character, Elliott Stabler, who, in Kay's eyes is "the dreamiest hot headed former marine the NYPD has ever had."

Growing up in New York, The Prettiots are already well known amongst some of the city's most influential art, fashion and music circles, and when when they're not penning music to combine with their gorgeously haphazard lyrics, the girls are modeling, starring in their own TV show or contributing to Purple Magazine. The girls' infectious charm and effortless style has already caught the attention of the likes of New York Magazine and Brooklyn Vegan, who have noted, as individuals and as The Prettiots, their rising It-girl status.

AUDIO: The Prettiots Debut 'Dreamboy'

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AUDIO: The Prettiots Debut 'Dreamboy'AUDIO: The Prettiots Debut 'Dreamboy'
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