iTunes Releases Mafia Documentary THE SUGAR WARS

iTunes Releases Mafia Documentary THE SUGAR WARS

iReach/ Desert Wind Films has recently secured a deal for their documentary "Sugar Wars: The rise and fall of the Cleveland Mafia" Spear headed By Production team TJ Amato, Josh Mills and Steven Camp this long awaited story will be available for digital viewing through ITunes on April 1st 2014. Desert Wind recently penned a deal with Veteran film maker Tommy Reid (Kill The Irishman) of Dundee Entertainment and will release throughGravitas Ventures.

"This story has been close to me for a good portion of my life" Amato says. "Having grown up in Cleveland where this story took place, I had heard about it many times, and to be able to create such a hard hitting film from my home town with was just icing on the cake."

"For me it was the fact that we were able to use 8 hours of original footage that Angelos nephew shot of him telling his life story first hand. You don't really get to see that from old time mobsters" says Josh Mills.

"everyone loves a good mafia story, and we were able to get ahold of the real life Godfather, how do you pass that opportunity up?" Says Steven Camp.

The story cronicles the life of Angelo Lonardo, who was one of the highest ranking mafia underbosses to ever turn federal witness. His rise to power was a rocky one filled with vengeance murders and corruption that kept him out of prison. It was only until he was facing life in prison for drug charges that Angelo swore he was never part of, did he turn on the sacred code of "OMERTA" or silence that he had follow his entire life. Angelo was instrumental in bringing down mob bosses around the country and even showed the feds how the skim in vegas worked. From father to son this story journeys the life and death of the Cleveland mob.

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SOURCE DesertWind Films

iTunes Releases Mafia Documentary THE SUGAR WARS

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