Young People's Chorus at Washington Heights to Present First Concert, 2/21

Young People's Chorus at Washington Heights to Present First Concert, 2/21

The Young People's Chorus of New York City at Washington Heights (YPCWH), established just this past November, will give its very first concert on Thursday, February 21, at 6:30 p.m. at Washington Heights Academy (P.S. 366) located at 202 Sherman Avenue in Manhattan.

YPCWH, comprising 60 boys and girls from 7 to 11 from schools primarily from the Washington Heights area*, was created by the Young People's Chorus of New York City (YPC), under its Artistic Director/Founder Francisco J. Núñez, to expand its award-winning music education program to even more of the city's schoolchildren.

In this free February 21 concert, the YPCWH choristers led by their conductor Johnny Rabe, a YPC Conducting Fellow, will sing and dance a program of music in English, Spanish, and other languages in unison and two-part harmony. The program will include Sesere Eeye, Antiphonal Alleluia, Be With Me, Tecolote, When you Wish Upon a Star, as well as Give us Hope, the longtime YPC anthem that concludes every YPC concert.

"I am so proud of these amazingly talented and enthusiastic children who are so excited to learn and, even more, to perform," commented Johnny Rabe.

"What has been particularly satisfying to me," said Francisco J. Núñez, "is how these children from so many different schools have embraced and supported each other, which has enhanced the skills of every single child in this program. YPC is incredibly grateful to Washington Heights Academy Principal Renzo Martinez, parent coordinator Esdras Santana, and music teacher Xiomara Nino. Without them, none of this could have been possible."

The Young People's Chorus of Washington Heights (YPCWH) is helping to expand the YPC mission of bringing together diverse groups of children to sing at the highest artistic level and is the first of several community choruses YPC will be creating around the city.