Warner Bros. Bringing MINECRAFT to the Big Screen

Warner Bros. Bringing MINECRAFT to the Big Screen

MINECRAFT is headed to the big screen.

According to Deadline, Warner Bros. has just picked up the rights to the hit video game franchise, with THE LEGO MOVIE's Roy Lee on board to produce. Though no other names are attached, high-profile writers and directors are reportedly interested in the project - currently being billed as a live-action film. Given MINECRAFT's unique pixelated art design, it brings the project into some pretty adventurous territory.

Per Deadline, "Minecraft is one of the top five "open world"-type games where players can engage in a virtual world creating any environment they can dream up with virtual blocks. It is often described as a "open sandbox" where the users can build anything they want. Minecraft has become an Internet sensation since its introduction in 2011...In the game, players create their own avatar and use cubes to create, build, and destroy structures and other forms across multiple game modes and various players. When you first begin the game, the player is dropped into the middle of nowhere and must build out a world of their, but monsters can come out at any time and you must survive the night."

For Deadline's original report, click here.

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