A new clip from THE SARATOV APPROACH, written and directed by Garrett Batty (SCOUT CAMP), and produced by Batty, Jake Van Wagoner, has just been released. Check it out below!

The film stars Corbin Allred (SAINTS AND SOLDIERS), Maclain Nelson (VAMP U), Nikita Bogolyubov (THIEF IN LAW) and Alex Veadov (WE OWN THE NIGHT), was coproduced by Nelson and Jonathan Turner and distributed by Purdie Distribution.

After a limited opening on October 9th, the inspirational thriller surpassed $1 million in ticket sales in just its fourth week, playing on an average of 33 screens. Those box office returns make THE SARATOV APPROACH the fastest LDS-themed film to reach $1 million in history - surpassing such noteworthy films as GOD'S ARMY, THE OTHER SIDE OF HEAVEN and THE WORK AND THE GLORY. By comparison, over that same time period, THE OTHER SIDE OF HEAVEN earned $707,062; GOD'S ARMY earned $757,279, and THE WORK AND THE GLORY earned $909,233. These three films are widely considered the benchmark for success among LDS-themed films. The film is currently playing on 27 screens across Utah and Idaho, and has grossed over $1.4 million at the box office to date. The film will begin its nationwide expansion in over 30 markets across the country, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Portland and Seattle on January 10th.

THE SARATOV APPROACH tells the untold, true story of Travis Tuttle and Andrew Propst and their harrowing experience after being kidnapped on March 18, 1998, during a mission in Saratov, Russia The two were beaten and held for ransom for nearly a week, but in abducting the missionaries, their captor unwittingly sets in motion a course of events that would change all of their lives in ways none of them could've expected.


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