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VIDEO: GLEE's Blake Jenner and Melissa Benoist Launch Kickstarter for BILLY BOY Indie Film

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GLEE's Blake Jenner has launched, along with his co-star and fiancée Melissa Benoist, a Kickstarter campaign to raise $100,000 for an indie film he wrote. Watch his pitch video for BILLY BOY below!

BILLY BOY centers on a high school senior, Billy (set to be played by Jenner), who decides to turn his life of crime toward something better after meeting a waitress, Jennifer (Benoist).

"'Billy Boy' is a story of a young man's pursuit of redemption of self-discovery," Jenner writes. "The movie focuses on a teen who was born into the wrong life. Like so many of the youth today, the film represents those who struggle to better themselves in spite of extreme obstacles. 'Billy Boy' is truly an emotional piece and an actor's tour de force. It's my story and hopefully, it will be a story we can share in together."

Jenner and Benoist have also cooked up examples of the script, soundtrack, storyboarding, and plans to film in Los Angeles in summer 2014.

The project has already gained 64 backers for a total of $6,690 and has until December 11 to raise the remaining funds.

Prizes for backers include exclusive email updates, early drafts of the script and a first listen to the soundtrack, t-shirts, copies of the movie, signed photos, a Google hangout with the cast, voice greetings, a private Skype session with the team, a private screening, Q&A and party in LA for the opening, one-on-one dates, becoming an extra or getting a speaking role in the film. And for $10,000 or more, you can be credited as an associate producer of the film.

VIDEO: GLEE's Blake Jenner and Melissa Benoist Launch Kickstarter for BILLY BOY Indie Film

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