Tribeca Film Fest Announces Special Events and Tribeca Talks Panel Series


The 2011 Tribeca Film Festival (TFF), presented by American Express®, today announced its lineup for the 2011 Special Events and Tribeca Talks® panel series. The component programs are "Tribeca Talks: After the Movie," "Tribeca Talks: Industry," "Tribeca Talks: Pen to Paper, hosted by Barnes & Noble," the Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival panel, and new this year, in celebration of the tenth Festival, the "Tribeca Talks: Directors Series," featuring one-on-one conversations with acclaimed filmmakers, plus the premiere of five new documentary films and a one-of-a-kind videogame-film event.

This year, Tribeca's annual panel series, a collection of special events, conversations and audience Q&A's designed to spark a richer dialogue about film, has expanded to include the "Tribeca Talks: Directors Series." The series invites audiences to join entertainment industry icons from BrIan Williams to Alec Baldwin to Martin Scorsese as they moderate discussions with noted industry figures such as actor-producer and Tribeca co-founder Robert De Niro and acclaimed directors Doug Liman and Souleymane Cissé, respectively. The Festival also unveiled five new documentary titles - 'The Education of Dee Dee Ricks;' 'Love Hate Love;' 'Off the Rez;' 'Grandma, A Thousand Times;' and 'Sing Your Song' - which will receive exclusive screenings as part of the "Tribeca Talks: After the Movie" series. Another one-of-a-kind world premiere event will be the screening and examination of 'L.A. Noire,' a new interactive crime thriller being released in the spring by Rockstar Games.

The Tribeca Talks panel series will bring film enthusiasts together with some of the biggest name directors, actors and industry leaders to explore topics from multi-platform filmmaking to financing to the role of women in film. This year's participants include Academy Award®-winning actors Robert De Niro and Sean Penn, Academy Award®-winning directors Martin Scorsese, Ron Howard and Alex Gibney, filmmaker Doug Liman, Alec Baldwin, Kelly Ripa, war photographer Greg Marinovich, and industry leaders ESPN, Rockstar Games and more. The Tribeca Talks panel series is open to the public and will take place throughout TFF, which will run from April 20 to May 1, 2011 in lower Manhattan.

Also part of "Tribeca Talks: After the Movie" are the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation's presentation of the 10th anniversary screening and panel discussion of 'A Beautiful Mind,' Universal Pictures' Academy Award®-winning masterpiece from director Ron Howard, and an exclusive preview of Rockstar Games' new digital state-of-the-art crime thriller, 'L.A. Noire,' followed by a special Q&A exploring the cinematic elements of filmmaking that have crossed over into interactive entertainment. The 'L.A. Noire' Q&A will follow a live demonstration of the new detective game where players solve complex, historically-inspired crimes in a beautifully recreated and fully interactive rendition of 1947 Los Angeles. Tribeca's special events and discussions series is rounded out by the Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival screening and discussion on Alex Gibney's 'Catching Hell,' about notorious Chicago Cubs fan Steve Bartman; the free "Tribeca Talks: Industry" panels, designed for industry professionals to explore the ways they can use new digital platforms to advance their film projects; and free "Tribeca Talks: Pen to Paper" panels hosted by Barnes & Noble, which focus on the artistic process of screenwriting.

"We wanted to celebrate our Tenth Festival by inviting some of the finest filmmakers, media artists and actors of our time to share their insights and experiences through our Tribeca Talks" series said Nancy Schaefer Executive Director of TFF. "We have over the years established a tradition of conversations that both engage audiences in the details and revelations of contemporary film making as well as offer a perspective as to the direction and the future of storytelling and the industry. This is so much a part of what festivals can do to enrich the viewing experience for their audiences and we are proud to present this special series."

"Tribeca Talks: Directors Series" will include one-on-one conversations with:

Tribeca Film Festival Co-founder and Academy Award®-winning actor Robert De Niro, interviewed by BrIan Williams.

Blockbuster filmmaker Doug Liman ('The Bourne Identity') interviewed by Academy Award® nominee and multiple Emmy Award winner Alec Baldwin.

Souleymane Cissé, Malian filmmaker and first filmmaker of African descent to win a major award at the Cannes Film Festival, interviewed by legendary director Martin Scorsese.

"Tribeca Talks: After the Movie" will include:
The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation presents a 10th anniversary screening of Universal Pictures' Academy Award®-winning film 'A Beautiful Mind' from director Ron Howard that examines the life of Nobel Prize-winning mathematician John Forbes Nash Jr.; followed by a conversation that includes director Ron Howard, producer Brian Grazer, screenwriter Akiva Goldsman, the film's math consultant, Dave Bayer, author Sylvia Nasar, whose book inspired the film, and theoretical physicist and mathematician Brian Greene. Moderated by NPR's Ira Flatow.

The world premiere of 'The Education of Dee Dee Ricks,' a documentary showing how a successful businesswoman and mother's life changed when, after being diagnosed with breast cancer, she set out to make life easier for less fortunate cancer patients; followed by a conversation with Dee Dee Ricks, producer Lisa Cohen, Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention founder Harold P. Freeman MD, and public health advocates. Moderated by the film's director, Perri Peltz.

The North American premiere of 'Grandma, A Thousand Times,' a documentary examining a family matriarch as she struggles to cope with the silence of her once-buzzing house and imagines what waits her beyond death. Hosted by the Doha Tribeca Film Festival, where the film captured the Audience Award for Best Documentary Film in 2010, the screening will be followed by a discussion with director Mahmoud Kaabour and others on the experience of making films in the Middle East.

The world premiere of 'Love Hate Love,' an inspirational documentary that examines the difficult journeys of three families torn apart by three separate acts of terrorism: the attacks on the World Trade Center, the London bus bombing and the Sari Club bombing in Bali; followed by a conversation with executive producer Sean Penn, directors Dana Nachman and Don Hardy as well family members featured in the film: Liz Alderman, Steve Alderman, Esther Hyman, and Ben Tullipan.

The New York premiere of 'The Loving Story,' a documentary recounting the unknown love story of Mildred and Richard Loving, the couple behind the 1967 Supreme Court ruling overturning anti-miscegenation laws in the United States; followed by a discussion with director Nancy Buirski, attorney Phil Hirschkop, who represented the Lovings, Anthony Romero, Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union, and others as they discuss this landmark case and current issues surrounding race and marriage equality.