Times Square Digital Screens to Play Jack Goldstein's 1978 Film THE JUMP, Begin. 8/1

Pioneering artist Jack Goldstein's seminal 1978 film "The Jump" will be shared with New Yorkers and visitors amidst the modern digital frenzy of Times Square in the August "Midnight Moment", a synchronized program on over fifteen of the largest digital signs in Times Square. Goldstein's work will premiere just before midnight on August 1st and play every night throughout August from 11:57 p.m. - midnight. The "Midnight Moment" is a presentation of the Times Square Advertising Coalition (TSAC) and Times Square Arts. This month's program coincides with the critically-acclaimed first American retrospective of the artist at The Jewish Museum. This comprehensive exhibition frames Goldstein as a central and influential figure of the "Pictures Generation" of the 1970s and 1980s and runs through September 29, 2013.

Goldstein's 16mm film, "The Jump," shows slow-motion footage of a diver performing dives in succession. The diver's iridescent body floats against a blackened backdrop, disappearing and reappearing with each completed jump. The artist used the innovative animation technique of rotoscoping to show a leaping diver, his form a blur of red and sparkling gold, performing a somersault and disintegrating into fragments, introducing a new language of picture making in the 1970's.

Alan High, Chairman of the Times Square Advertising Coalition and President & General Manager of Clear Channel Outdoor Spectacolor & Mall Divisions, said: "We're excited to showcase Rick Goldstein's momentous 1978 film 'The Jump' on the screens of Times Square as part of the Midnight Moment. New Yorkers and visitors can appreciate the innovative animation of Goldstein's celebrated work among the modern digital frenzy that in part defines Times Square."

Sherry Dobbin, Director of Public Art Director for Times Square Alliance, said: "Digitally-remastered for our contemporary screens, this seminal work references the dynamic history of an artist's role in leading sign technology, once again drawing attention to the cutting-edge technology and innovation showcased nightly on Times Square's signs."

Claudia Gould, The Jewish Museum's Director, said: "We are happy to be partnering with the Times Square Advertising Coalition and Times Square Arts. Showing Jack Goldstein's iconic film, The Jump, as part of the Midnight Moment enables us to share this influential artist's work with a larger public. The Times Square presentation gives people just a little taste. They can see much more by visiting the Goldstein exhibition at the Museum."

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