TRIALS OF MUHAMMAD ALI Wins ABCNEWS VideoSource Award for Best Footage Use


TRIALS OF MUHAMMAD ALI Wins ABCNEWS VideoSource Award for Best Footage Use

ABCNEWS VideoSource, the news and stock footage licensing arm of ABC News, announced today that The Trials of Muhammad Ali was the winner of the 2013 ABCNEWS VideoSource Award. Directed by Academy Award-nominated director Bill Siegel, The Trials of Muhammad Ali examines Ali's life outside of boxing, focusing on the years 1967 to 1970, when, after refusing military induction, he was stripped of his heavyweight title and banned from boxing. The Trials of Muhammad Ali was honored at the IDA Awards Gala, which took place on December 6, 2013 in Los Angeles.

"We are very pleased that The Trials of Muhammad Ali has won this award," said Anthony Perrone, Director of ABCNEWS VideoSource. "Bill Siegel and the team at Kartemquin Films are very deserving of this recognition. Their film brings to light a period of Ali's life that has long been overshadowed by his athletic success and outsized personality. They discovered incredible archival material and wove it together such that it gives new life to this important story, which is what this award seeks to honor."

The team at Kartemquin spent years hunting down previously unseen archival footage, and the raw power of the images they unearthed, as well as the skill, creativity and editorial integrity with which they've woven the footage into their film, brings Ali's extraordinary story to life with great force, resonance and complexity.

"We're honored to win the ABCNEWS VideoSource Award," said Bill Siegel. "It's a great recognition of the role archival footage plays in making documentary films, as well as the intensive amount of time we took to find the most effective and powerful footage. I don't think of The Trials of Muhammad Ali as a historical documentary. Hopefully the urgency of the archival material in the film helps audiences grapple with the struggles Ali faced, as many of them are still concerns we're struggling with today."

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