TICK TOCK BOOM CLAP, Starring Broadway's Melissa Fahn and Sam Zeller, Launches DVD Kickstarter Campaign

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Following successful screenings in Beverly Hills, Northern California, and New York City, a Kickstarter campaign has been launched for DVD distribution of the independent romantic dramedy "Tick Tock Boom Clap". The campaign has a deadline of December 9th, and can be found HERE or by going to and clicking on the Kickstarter link.

This film stars Melissa Fahn (Wicked/Vox Lumiere) and Sam Zeller (Cathy Rigby's Peter Pan).

Inspired by real stories of theatre and life, this film follows Sara (Fahn), who is single, pushing 40, and in denial after the passing of her parents. With the help of her three close friends, she sets off on a seemingly frivolous adventure to find her first childhood crush, a boy tapper who has gone from their small hometown to Broadway. The journey leads her back to a production of "Peter Pan" and its colorful cast of characters, including Jules/Capt. Hook (Zeller) and Trina/Tiger Lily (Heather Phillips of Dedalus Lounge). Sara thinks this fun little show will, once again, be the perfect distraction from the real world, but the truth has a funny way of creeping in and finding her.

The cast also includes Dyan McBride, Gene Bencomo, and Jack Beck as the three friends, with George Maguire, Hector Correa, Charles McGowan (A Chorus Line), Amy Griffin (NEWSical/Grinch), Dae Spering, Michael K. Cassidy, Ben Van Dyke, Rena Petrello, and a cameo by Wesley Mann (Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival). Paul Rubin was the stunt coordinator for the flying sequences.

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