Screen Icon Greta Garbo's Treasures Bring Top Prices in Julien's Auctions End of the Year Event

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Greta Garbo, the legendary Hollywood actress, widely acknowledged as one of the most beautiful women of the 20th Century, continued to capture the world beyond the screen at the Julien's Auctions two-day event, Friday and Saturday.

The Personal Collection of Greta Garbo auction continued to establish her artistic legacy through her captivating screen performances and impeccable taste in fashion. Bidders from around the world could not get enough of her personal clothing, accessories, furnishings and photographs and private possessions. Final prices predominantly exceeded pre-auction estimates multiple times across the board. The collection was never previously available and rarely seen by others. A luminous beauty and a powerful force within the Hollywood industry, Garbo was both brilliantly innovative and passionately enchanting on screen. Final prices predominantly exceeded pre-auction estimates multiple times across the board and resulted in $1.6 million, over three times the original estimate.

"Greta Garbo commanded Marilyn Monroe prices today," said Martin Nolan, Executive director of Julien's Auctions. "Her beauty, extraordinary screen presence and fashion trending style were proven to be timeless in this extraordinary two-day event in which we ended our best auction year yet."

Among the highlights of the two-day sessions were Greta Garbo's Louis Vuitton steamer trunk (Sold for $37,500), a Greta Garbo antique gold pocket knife (Sold for $8,960), a Greta Garbo 14K "GG" monogrammed baby I.D. bracelet (Sold for $2,880), Greta Garbo driving caps (Sold for $15,000), a Greta Garbo Queen Christina document from 1651 (Sold for $9,600), a Greta Garbo Inc., jewelry set (Sold for $9,600), Greta Garbo Ferragamo shoes (Sold for $8,125), a Greta Garbo Maltese cross brooch (Sold for $13,750), and a Greta Garbo Valentina Ottoman silk overcoat (Sold for $11,520).

More highlights included a collection of Greta Garbo gold shoes (Sold for $5,120), a Greta Garbo Mark Cross "G" monogrammed luggage bag (Sold for $8,320), a Greta Garbo fur coat (Sold for $7,680), a Greta Garbo velvet black turban (Sold for $ 12,800), Greta Garbo's "GG" Monogrammed Sterling flatware service (Sold for $17,920), a group of Greta Garbo's makeup and vanity implements (Sold for $3,200), a Greta Garbo inscribed Van Cleef & Appels lighter (Sold for $5,760), a Greta Garbo monogrammed pillbox (Sold for $10,000), a Greta Garbo painting of a standing nude (Sold for $4,375), a threesome of Greta Garbo turquoise flats (Sold for $3,200), a Greta Garbo Valentina Redingote (Sold for $5,000) and Greta Garbo sunglasses (Sold for $13,750).

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