SAG Stunt Ensemble Honors To Be Announced During Digital Pre-Show 1/29

SAG Stunt Ensemble Honors To Be Announced During Digital Pre-Show 1/29

Screen Actors Guild Awards Committee Chair JoBeth Williams and Awards Committee Member Scott Bakula, will announce the recipients of Screen Actors Guild's Honors for Outstanding Action Performances by Film and Television Stunt Ensembles from the 18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards®' red carpet during the live SAG Awards digital pre-show which will be webcast on, and on Sunday, Jan. 29, 2012 beginning at 6 p.m. (ET) / 3 p.m. (PT), 18th Annual SAG Awards Executive Producer and Director Jeff Margolis announced today. The Stunt Honors recipients will be announced at 6:15 p.m (ET) / 3:15 p.m. (PT).

The live, and webcast will be hosted by PEOPLE Magazine's Managing Editor Peter Castro and TNT Correspondent Laurel Ripley who will interview this year's nominees, past winners and other attendees as they walk the red carpet on their way into the prestigious ceremony.

The SAG Awards pre-show will not only be seen online but also will be streamed live on the giant CNN SpectracolorHD digital billboard in Times Square.

Screen Actors Guild Stunt Ensemble honors commend work within the stunt community during 2011 and recognize stunt performers and coordinators. Nominees chosen by their respective SAG Awards film and television nominating committees were announced on Dec. 14, 2011. Information on voting procedures to choose the recipients were sent to the nearly 100,000 active members of Screen Actors Guild on Dec. 30. Balloting closes Friday, Jan. 27 at noon PT. Results will be sealed by the Guild's official election teller until they are announced on the SAG Awards® red carpet by Williams and Bakula.

The nominees for this year's SAG Stunt Ensemble Honors are: Outstanding Action Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Motion Picture

THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU (Universal Pictures)

George A. Aguilar

Jill Brown

Acqui Carrera

John Cenatiempo

Se Corrigan

William Cote Kruschwitz

Hen Pope

Aaron Vexler

COWBOYS & ALIENS (Universal Pictures)

Bobby Aldridge

JC Augare

James A. Augare

BrIan Brown

William Paul Brown

Richard Bucher

Chris Carlson

Craig Conaway

Benjamin Cooke

Jonathan Crazybull

Jeff Dashnaw

JJ Dashnaw

Danny Edmo

Dan Forcey

Todd Forsberg

Ramon Frank

Sean Rowdy Gardner

Derek Graf

Tad Griffith

Michael Hansen

Ryan Happy

Tom Harper

Riley Harper

Will Harper

Gray Wolf Herrera

Freddie Hice

Cassidy Hice

Dylan Hice

Robert Jauregui

Shawn Jenkins

Shawn Kautz

Robert D. King

Derek Lacasa

Shawn Patrick Lane

Malosi Leonard

Matthew Leonard

Dutch Lunak

Benny Manning

Cliff McLaughlin

Greg Miller

Heidi Moneymaker

Matthew Thomas Moss

Casey O'Neill

K.C. Peterson

Ed Pinkard

Blake Pocquette

Jimmy Pratt

Pat Ricotti

Erin Ricotti-Hice

Jason Rodriguez

Rod Rondeaux

David Schultz

Wesley Scott

Kyle Segura

Douglas Snively

Coy Speer

Cody Jay Thornbury

Devon Torres

Steve Upton

Aaron Walters

Mike Watson

Glenn Scott Wilder

Keith Woulard

Danny Wynands


Lucy Allen

Mark Archer

Nina Armstrong

Gary Arthurs

Helen Bailey

Nellie Borroughs

Richard Bradshaw

Adam Brashaw

Michael Byrch

Bruce Cain

Annabelle Canavan

Marc Cass

Nick Chopping

JoNathan Cohen

David Connelly

Talila Craig

Graham Crowther

Clive Curtis

Nicholas Daines

Ray De Haan

Sam Dent

Jim Dowdall

Tracey Eddon

Jamie Edgell

Rick English

Bradley Farmer

Dave Fisher

Pete Ford

Elaine Ford

Amanda Foster

Sarah Franzl

Grace Franzl

Danny Freitas

James Grogan

Calvin Heasman

Nick Hobbs

Bobby Holland Hanton

Rob Hunt

Eunice Huthart

Rob Inch

Rowley Irlam

Ian Kay

Tolga Kenan

Mike Lambert

Derek Lea

Maurice Lee

Nicholas Lewis

Paul Lowe

Tony Lucken

Marc Mailley

Kai Martin

Tina Maskell

Jo McClaren

Kim McGarrity

Nick McKinless

Russell McLeod

Peter Miles

Lee Millham

Jamie Millington

Sian Milne

Mark Mottram

Daniel Naprous

David Newton

Brian Nickels

James O'Dee

Justin Pearson

Peter Pedrero

Andy Pilgrim

Chris Pollard

Mike Potter

Greg Powell

Tilly Powell

Dominic Preece

Kierron Quest

Alison Ryan

Marcus Shakesheff

CC Smiff

Marvin Stewart-Campbell

Matt Stirling

Ryan Stuart

Roy Taylor

Rocky Taylor

Tony Van Silva

Andy Wareham

Marlow Warrington-Mattei

Reg Wayment

Bill Weston

Maxine Whitaker

Peter White

Jason White

Jo Whitney

Martin Wilde

Donna Williams

Lewis Young


Terry Ahue

Robert Alonzo

Hank Amos

Daniel Arrias

Brian Avery

Dean Bailey

Matt Baker

Ted Barba, Sr.

Simone Bargetze

Perry Barndt

Ken Bates

Gary Baxley

Dickey Beer

Peter Bianco

Phil Blackaby

Paul Borne

Julian Boulle

Eddie Braun

Jon Braver

Ben Bray

Robert Brown

Jeff Bruno

Kurt Bryan

David Buglione

Robert Burke

Stacey Carino

Ariel Carlson

Chris Carnel

Jay Carrado

Mario Carter

Kevin Cassidy

Steve Chang

Alex Chansky

Brian Christensen

Ann Coccagnia

Brycen Counts

Aarron Crippen

Peter Cullen

Jahnel Curfman

Max Daniels

Tobiasz Daszkiewicz

Steve Davison

Kevin Derr

Jon DeVore

Jamal Duff

Zack Duhame

Steve Dumouchel

Chris Durand

Justin Eaton