Review Roundup: ENDLESS LOVE Opens Just in Time for Valentine's Day!

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Opening on the most romantic day of the year, Endless Love hits theaters today, February 14th. The film stars Alex Pettyfer (Magic Mike) and Gabriella Wilde (The Three Musketeers), joined by co-starsBruce Greenwood, Joely Richardson, Robert Patrick and Rhys Wakefield.

The plot follows Romeo-and-Juilet type storyline, in which a charming young man (Pettyfer) falls for a priviledged yet sheltered girl (Wilde), sparking a relationship that the girl's parents disapprove of. As the love affair grows, drama unfolds as the two lovers attempt to remain together.

Let's see what the critics had to say!

Manohla Dargis, The New York Times: Directed by Shana Feste ("Country Strong"), this new "Endless Love" doesn't have enough going on to make it memorably terrible: Banality is its gravest sin.

Stephanie Merry, The Washington Post: "Endless Love" is one of three 1980s remakes this weekend. "RoboCop" and "About Last Night" are also hitting theaters, but unlike those movies, "Endless Love" didn't amount to much in 1981. And it doesn't fare better today. Like waterbeds and Betamax, some things are more fun to remember than to relive.

Michael Phillips, The Chicago Tribune: "Endless Love" conveys precious little of that crazy, mixed-up feeling, even with powder keg Robert Patrick (as David's dad) in the cast. By the time restraining orders are threatened you're wondering if someone pre-issued a restraining order against the film itself.

Ronnie Scheib, Variety: Universal is wisely opening this sugary confection on Valentine's Day, probably the only occasion on which tweens could persuade their dates to swallow it, though it may prove too bland even for its target audience.

Mike McCahill, The Guardian: As a romance, though, it's by-the-book, poring at needless length over pages liberally flecked with bullshit, thereby giving another generation of sleepover guests skewed ideas about their male contemporaries.

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