Photo Flash: First Look - Cameron Diaz Visits THE DR. OZ SHOW Tomorrow


Tomorrow, January 15th, Dr. Oz is joined by actress Cameron Diaz. On the show, the actress discusses her new book, "The Body Book" and shares details about her physical transformation. Get a first look below!

On her want for all women, Diaz comments: "That's what I wanted for women because I believe that we're the most powerful force in the world. That if we just took all that negative energy that we were pointing into ourselves and hatred and confusion and we were able to be relieved of that. We can take all of it and focus it outward into the world in a positive way and do really beautiful things with it instead of wasting it on this Ridiculousness of comparing ourselves to other women. Knowing how to have the best body that you can have, the healthiest, most capable, most vital body is what I wanted for all of you to have."

On the idea behind her book, Diaz says: "I realized that women just have so much confusion about their bodies. They were literally looking at me going, 'how does this work? I don't understand it. I'm confused by it.' I thought how can you be confused by something that we spend our entire lives in. So because of that confusion, we've found ourselves comparing ourselves to other people, other women."

Photo credit: Sony Pictures Television

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