Oscar Winner Maximilian Schell Dies at 83

Oscar Winner Maximilian Schell Dies at 83

Oscar winning Austrian actor Maximilian Schell has died at age 83, according to Variety.

Schell, "a fugitive from Adolf Hitler," passed away last night at an Innsbruck hospital after a "sudden and serious illness," the Austria Press Agency originally reported, according to the publication.

Best known for his performance in JUDGMENT AT NUREMBERG, Schell received the Academy Award in 1961 for his performance, and the film boasted fine performances from its all-star cast, including his co-star Abby Mann.

Conceived by screenwriter Abby Mann during the period of McCarthyism, the film argues passionately that those responsible for administering justice also have the duty to ensure that human-rights norms are preserved even if they conflict with national imperatives. "Judgment at Nuremberg" startled audiences by including in the midst of its narrative seven minutes of film footage documenting concentration camp victims, thus using motion-picture evidence to make its point both in the courtroom and in movie theaters.

Schell also scored Oscar nominations for his roles in THE MAN IN THE GLASS BOOTH and JULIA.

His other credits include DEEP IMPACT, THE BLACK HOLE, and CROSS OF IRON.

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