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New Latino Filmmakers Celebrates 10th Anniversary, 5/2; NewFilmmakers NY Screens YESTERDAY IS HERE, 5/8

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On Wednesday, May 2nd, New Latino Filmmakers celebrates its tenth anniversary and Cinquo De Mayo. The New Latino Filmmakers screening series is NewFilmmakers longest running program. Then, on Tuesday, May 8th, NewFilmmakers presents two Short Film Programs and the Feature YESTERDAY IS HERE.

May 8th begins at 6:00PM with NewFilmmakers' Early Short Program. Pete Valente NIGHTWORK and his SHAKING THE GLASS (2011, 11 minutes) are two new experimental films. Martin Lancaster FOCUS (2011, 8 minutes) is an experimental adaptation of the short story 'Berenice' by Edgar Allan Poe. A man suffering from a rare psychological disorder recounts the tragedy of the woman who loved him. Sarah Gurfield TEN MINUTE DECADE (2011, 9 minutes) is a comedy about a woman (Laura Mannino) who stumbles through her twenties discovering what she really wants isn't what everyone else has. Laurel Parmet MOTHER (2012, 13 minutes) is about a sixteen year-old Mol who runs away from reform school and breaks into her family's house. When her parents return home and find her, it becomes clear that she is no longer welcome. And in David Capurso I AM JULIA (2011, 15 minutes) Julia, a recent Colombian immigrant in an inner City High School must fend up against bullies and the system, as karma takes its toll.

The Evening continues with the 7:15 PM Short Film PrograM. Scott MacArthur THE BARE SHOW (2010, 11 Minutes, Video) is about a young clown's performance of 'The Bare Show,' not only allows the town's people to see him in a new light, but themselves as well. Alessia Travaglini SILENZIOSA-MENTE (2011, 5 minutes) tells dreams and nightmares through a "metaphor of vision" that shows the shapes of the world beyond the realism. In Jennie Allen SUNDAY (2011, 14 minutes) Candace is an escort girl on another Sunday afternoon job. But this one wants something different... and much more difficult to give. Eros Romero DOROTHY (2011, 15 minutes) is about two captured clowns fight for their lives as they try to impress a blood thirsty little girl and her doll. T. D. White DINNER ON THE RIVIERA (2012, 12 minutes) ain't the straight story ... a woman wants her rent stabilized apartment back from her ex- husband, a priest lay dying, a man has had it up to here, another man sits on a stoop at night between drinks ...a street psychotic approaches... and more.

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