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Marion Cotillard On Navigating Shakespeare In New MACBETH Movie & More


Marion Cotillard On Navigating Shakespeare In New MACBETH Movie & MoreInternationally celebrated Academy Award-winning actress Marion Cotillard sheds some light on her upcoming lead role opposite Michael Fassbender in a new big screen adaptation of William Shakespeare's bloody war-torn tragedy MACBETH as part of a new interview.

Commenting on the current status of the in production film, Cotillard offers, "[T]his is something where you cannot just learn your lines and show up on set. It would be a disaster. So, yeah, we're in the flesh. Not shooting yet, but we're in the flesh."

Touching upon her recognizable French accent and how she will adapt to performing Shakespeare's dense dialogue, Cotillard reveals she has a special coach to aide her in the endeavor, sharing, "[I]t's really tough. It's tough already for someone who speaks English. But we really tried to stick to the original text, which is inspiring because he wrote the words, but also because there is a rhythm and an energy that fits with the emotion and the purpose of what he says. But, of course, I couldn't do it by myself."

Plus, Cotillard opines, "I need someone to work with; they want to keep a flavor of my French accent, because when they offered me the part, I told [director Justin Kurzel]... well, he knew."

Furthermore, Cotillard states that the director found her accent alluring, remarking, "[He] thought thought it was interesting to have, like, an exotic flavor to the accent. So I asked, 'Do you really think it's interesting? Or do you think I will never be able to totally erase my French accent and be totally Scottish?' And he said, 'No, no, no, we really think it's interesting.'"

Cotillard qualifies the statement, saying, "I don't know if it was true, but I'm doing it, so...."

Additionally, Cotillard says of the Scottish and French dialect - as well as the historical alliance between the nations in the era the play - that, "At that time, the accents and the way of speaking were totally different."

Cotillard concludes, "So, it's not like it doesn't make sense that I would have a weird accent. If it were set today, and we knew about my family line and everything, it would not be believable, but back then, without all the information about where she comes from, we're going to make it work. Oh, I have to."

Also, Cotillard humorously adds of her dedication to the classic role, "I've been washing my hands 10 times a day!"

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