Madeline Zima Seeks Support for Distribution of Latest Film

Talented film and television actress Madeline Zima and veteran filmmaker Stuart Acher are asking for support for their fund-raising effort to take the quirky comedy "#Stuck" into movie theaters.

"These days you have to be more creative and innovative than ever to get projects done and get them out in front of an audience so we've started this funding campaign to do exactly that," Zima said.

Having starred in numerous films television series like "Californication," "Heroes" and now as Holly in the upcoming film "#Stuck," Zima is taking an active and enthusiastic role in The Campaign to bring the new comedy to the Big Screen.

"As soon as I read the script, I knew I had to be involved. It's funny, quirky and edgy and really a lot of fun for everyone that loves a good film," said Zima who stars and is also executive producer of "#Stuck."

"#Stuck" tells the story of how a hot one-night stand turns into an awkward morning after when man and woman get STUCK in a dead-stopped traffic jam. As they begrudgingly get know each other, we learn of their sexually raucous evening and are then led to their surprising destiny.

Veteran filmmaker Stuart Acher who wrote, directed and produced the film, says he felt taking the so-called "crowdfunding" route would be not only be an innovative way to fund its distribution, but a highly effective one to get his film in theaters. The goal is to raise $150,000 by Dec. 25, and have already broken the $60,000 mark. To donate, please visit

"Hollywood studios want major franchises, with famous actors, because they know they can pump millions of dollars into marketing and catch your attention," he said.

"Every major Distributor said the same thing after seeing '#STUCK' - we love it, but it's 'too small' for us. Call us when you do something with Tom Cruise. Well maybe one day, but for now, I'm taking matters into my own hands and here we are."

Under the effort, Zima and Acher, along with co-star Joel David Moore, will place the film in as many theaters as possible, coast-to-coast which would also help its positioning for potential video on demand and cable distribution.

"The major prerequisite is that a film MUST play in 6 to 10 major cities for at least one week. Once this happens, then '#Stuck' will be placed in the 'New Releases' section. Prime real estate when you're choosing what to watch on a Friday night," Acher said.

"Already, people are rallying behind the effort," he said, including the Internet-famed Randal the Honey Badger, who was smitten with Acher's out-of-the-box tactics and created a promo video for the campaign on a whim. "I was honored. The guy has 65 million hits on YouTube and that attention helped bring in new donors, but more needs to be done," Acher said.

Zima began her career at age 2 when she was featured in a commercial for Downy fabric softener before going on to star various commercials and television series. She came to the attention of most viewers as Grace Sheffield in the sitcom "The Nanny," before starring in "The Vampire Diaries," "Royal Pains," "Californication" and many others including such films as "Crazy Kind of Love," "Guilded Lilys" and others.

A Boston University graduate, Acher began his career in 1999 when his film "Bobby Loves Mangos" was shown in a bar at the Sundance Film Festival and earned the endorsement of the late film critic Roger Ebert who wrote several articles on Acher's work and featured him on his "Ebert & Roeper" show. He soon earned a distribution deal for the film. He would go on to work on various TV commercials and music videos, as well as such films as the upcoming "Mantervention."

To learn more, please visit:

More On: The Campaign.

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