Julia Parker Joins Sci-Fi Thriller 'S2K'

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Julia Parker Joins Sci-Fi Thriller 'S2K'Actress Julia Parker, known for her work in the TV series "The Ploy" and "90210" has been cast in the science-fiction thriller "S2K," starring Meg Foster and Erica Grant. The film, produced by veteran producer Robert Amico, is a futuristic thriller about a woman who searches for pleasure after her unrelenting lifelong depression destroys her marriage.

"I love Science fiction and I especially respect Robert's work so I was thrilled when he asked me to join the cast of this amazing new film," Parker said. The film features Foster, who is known for her role "Pretty Little Liars," who played the mysterious sorority housemother, Carla Grunwald, as well as her work in "Ravenswood," "The Mentalist" and many others.

The cast also includes Grant ("Changeling") who wrote the screenplay, and Angel Wainwright who had a recurring role in the CBS drama "The Unit." Parker, who is known for her work in such TV series as "Episodes," with Matt Leblanc, "90210," "Go On," and others, will play scientist Georgia Harding in the new film.

"I'm a bit of a brainy character who is scientist and a psychotherapist who is treating Sam, Erica Grant's character who is dealing with a deep depression," she said. "Because it has these Science fiction elements and a lot of really intense situations, I'm very excited about working in this film."

With a background that includes a number of sci-fi films such as "Alien Armageddon," "A Girl, A Guy and a Space Helmet," and others, Parker is at home dealing space aliens, monsters and futuristic gadgets. With herself turning from a scientist into a weird space alien in "Alien Armageddon," Parker has seemingly seen it all when it comes to sci-fi films.

"I actually liked turning into an alien creature. It's fun to do things that are completely out of the ordinary as long as there's a good storyline," she said.

Meanwhile, Parker is already busy with an upcoming role in the horror-themed "Vampire Line," and the upcoming crime drama "Twice Blessed." "S2K" is produced by Robert Amico, Erica Grant and Ed Polgardy for Pedigree Films and RFA Productions.

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