James Franco Premieres GAY TOWN Berlin Art Exhibit

Continually proving he can attempt to do it all, actor/director/artist/etc. James Franco unveiled his new art exhibit in Berlin this weekend, titled GAY TOWN. Featuring 1980s-style fonts, fluorescent lights (in a sign stating "F*cking James Franco," no less) and stacks upon stacks of TV screens, in addition to magazines, newspapers, trash, original paintings and murals as well as much more, it is a true head-scratcher of a series of installations, to say the least - and clearly meant to incite discussion. Clearly, the homosexual and pornographic themes of the project tie in with his current film, the self-directed gay bar-themed CRUISING prequel INTERIOR. LEATHER BAR., which recently premiered at Sundance to mostly negative reception.

The website for Peres Projects, the German venue holding the premiere of Franco's exhibit describes GAY TOWN as such: "GAY TOWN explores a variety of themes that are central to Franco's artistic practice, mainly issues related to adolescence, public and private persona, stereotypes and other societal concerns such as society's preoccupation with celebrity.

Franco created most of the works for GAY TOWN over the past two years, making many of the works in hotel rooms, makeshift studios and other temporary locations whilst completing other projects, mainly motion pictures. Franco makes reference to several of his motion picture work and related projects in parts of the installations and other works on view in GAY TOWN."

GAY TOWN is on exhibit through March 9 at Peres Projects in Berlin, Germany.

More information is available at the official site here.

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