JUST LEARN SOMETHING Courses Kick Off This September

JUST LEARN SOMETHING Courses Kick Off This September

"What do you know now that you wish you had known when you first started out?"

That is the question posed by JUST LEARN SOMETHING creators Mitch Weiss and Darnelle Edwin Radford to all of their teachers, called UnStructors. Their goal in creating JUST LEARN SOMETHING is to provide practical, real-world support to the entertainment community. This fall, a top Broadway manager, two veterans of stage, film, television and modeling, a music attorney and manager, and a television writer/producer have joined JUST LEARN SOMETHING to provide performers, creative artists, and arts administrators with practical skills and essential information, not available in other educational institutions and training programs. JUST LEARN SOMETHING founders Weiss and Radford have a combined 60 years of industry experience in Broadway, Theater, Music, Media Production and Education.

JUST LEARN SOMETHING will begin this fall with 8 courses in midtown Manhattan locations in a relaxed and supportive environment. The website justlearnsomething.us also supports the large social media community seeking practical knowledge by providing access to courses taught by seasoned professionals including Richard Dieguez, Bruce Hawkins, Harrison Lee, Bob Waldman and Mitch Weiss. These courses are designed to help students of all ages succeed in the real world of entertainment.

The JUST LEARN SOMETHING courses beginning September, 2014: For more info, visit www.justlearnsomething.us.


UnStructed by: Richard Dieguez

Musical creatives like artists, songwriters and producers can automatically boost their odds of success by following a few key principles garnered from over 30 years of experience as an entertainment attorney, artist manager and independent artist. Putting together an "A" team, committing to "five minutes" of progress every day, getting an accountability partner and managing expectations are some of the guerrilla tactics needed to avoid the big mistakes we all hear about. It's not just who you know, it's also what you know.

UnStructed by: Mitch Weiss

Part 1 - Who can you trust? You - and only you. This course is designed to understand the roles that will help shape your career - manager, agent, publicist and other advisors. Understanding these roles will help get control of your career and keep it.

Part 2 - Now that you understand the roles of manager, agent, publicist and other advisors, put them into practice for yourself. This section will explore the avenues of being "You, Inc." It takes a pro-active approach to be your own manager.