Isabelle Fuhrman to Join John Cusack & Samuel L. Jackson in Film Adaptation of Stephen King's CELL

The cast of the big screen adaptation of Stephen King's novel CELL continues to grow.

According to Deadline, THE HUNGER GAMES' Isabelle Fuhrman will join Samuel L. Jackson and John Cusack in the apocalyptic thriller, based on the bestseller. Tod "Kip" Williams will direc. Benaroya Pictures is financing.

In CELL, Jackson will play Tom McCourt, an engineer and former soldier who escapes from Boston along with Cusack's character, Clay Riddell, after a mysterious pulse, transmitted by cell phones, spreads like a virus through the human population. Fuhrman has landed the lead female role of Alice.

Producing the project are Richard Saperstein (Se7en, Hancock), Michael Benaroya (Lawless, Margin Call), Brian Witten (Chernobyl Diaries, Friday the 13th, Final Destination) and Shara Kay (Silent Night). While President of Dimension Films, Saperstein oversaw the Stephen King adaptations, The Mist, directed by Frank Darabont, and 1408, which also starred Cusack and Jackson, and grossed over $130 million worldwide.

The screenplay for CELL was written by Stephen King and Adam Alleca (Last House on the Left). John Cusack, Edward Mokhtarian, Armen Aghaeian, Xavier Gens, and Laurence Freed will executive produce. Mark Leyner and Ben Insler will co-produce.

Photo by: Jim Smeal / BEImages

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