GRAVITY, GAME OF THRONES Among Visual Effects Society Nominations; Full List Announced

GRAVITY, GAME OF THRONES Among Visual Effects Society Nominations; Full List Announced

Today, the Visual Effects Society, the industry's professional honoray society , announced the nominees for the 12th Annual VES Awards, recognizing outstanding visual effects artistry and innovation in film, animation, television, commercials? and video games.

Nominees were selected by VES members via concurrent events in Los Angeles and within the eight Global VES Sections. The VES Awards will be held on February 12th at the Beverly Hilton.

As? previously? announced,? the? Visionary? Award? will? be? presented? to? Alfonso? Cuaro?n,? acclaimed? filmmaker? and? director/producer/co?writer/editor? of? the? film? Gravity.? ? The? Lifetime? Achievement? Award? will? be? presented? to? John? Dykstra,? award?winning ?visual? effects ?pioneer? and ?innovator.???
"The? artistry,? ingenuity? and? passion? of? visual? effects? practitioners? around? the? world? have? come? together? to? tell? the? most? amazing? stories? imaginable,"? said? Jeffrey? A.? Okun,? VES? Chair.? ? "This? year,? more? than? ever,? we? have? seen? the? fantastic ?become? normal,? the ?unimaginable ?become ?reality ?and ?the ?artistry? of ?VFX ?drive ?box? office.??The ?VES?Awards? is? the only place where this amazing work is showcased and honored. We are proud of the four nominees."

The? nominees ?for ?the? 12th? Annual? VES? Awards ?are ?as ?follows:??

Outstanding Visual Effects in a Visual Effects-Driven Feature Motion Picture


Tim Webber

Nikki Penny

Chris Lawrence

Richard Mcbride

Iron Man 3

Christopher Townsend

Mark Soper

Guy Williams

Bryan Grill

Pacific Rim

John Knoll

Susan Greenhow

Chris Raimo

Hal Hickel

Star Trek Into Darkness

Roger Guyett

Luke O'Byrne

Ron Ames

Ben Grossman

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Joe Letteri

Eric Saindon

Kevin Sherwood

David Clayton

Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Feature Motion Picture


Jody Johnson

Moriah Etherington-Sparks

Mark Hodgkins

Antoine Moulineau

The Great Gatsby

Chris Godfrey

Prue Fletcher

Joyce Cox

The Lone Ranger

Tim Alexander

Gary Brozenich

Shari Hanson

Kevin Martel

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Guillaume Rocheron

Kurt Williams

Monette Dubin

Ivan Moran

The Wolf of Wall Street

Robert Legato

Mark Russell

Joseph Farrell

Lisa Spence

White House Down

Marc Weigert

Volker Engel

Julia Frey

Ollie Rankin

Outstanding Animation in an Animated Feature Motion Picture

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2

Peter Nash

Michael Ford

Chris Juen

Mandy Tankenson

Despicable Me 2

Chris Meledandri

Janet Healy

Chris Renaud

Pierre Coffin


Chris Buck

Jennifer Lee

Peter Del Vecho

Lino Di Salvo

Monsters University

Kori Rae

Sanjay Bakshi

Jon Reisch

Scott Clark

The Croods

Jane Hartwell

Chris Sanders

Kirk Demicco

Markus Manninen

Outstanding Visual Effects in a Broadcast Program

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Pilot

Mark Kolpack

Sabrina Arnold

David Altenau

H Haden Hammond

Almost Human

Jay Worth

Robert Habros

Michael Cliett

David Beedon

Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome

Gary Hutzel

Michael Gibson

Derek Ledbetter

Heather Mcauliff

Game of Thrones: Valar Dohaeris

Steve Kullback

Joe Bauer

JöRn GroßHans

Sven Martin

Inseparable: Chernobyl

Egor Olesov

Egor Borschevsky

Dmitry Ovcharenko

Mykhailo Datsyk

Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Broadcast Program

Banshee: Pilot

Armen Kevorkian

Mark Skowronski

Jeremy Jozwik

Ricardo Ramirez

Da Vinci's Demons: The Lovers

Kevin Blank

Simon Frame

Ante Dekovic

Oliver Arnold

Hawaii 5-0: Ho'onani Makuakane

Armen Kevorkian

Alexander Soltes

Jane Sharvina

Andranik Taranyan

Mob City: A Guy Walks in to A Bar

Jason Sperling

Michael Morreale

Valeri Pfahning

Mike Enriquez

Moonfleet: Episode 2

Ed Bruce

Alan Collins

John O'Connell

Joe Courtis

The Borgias: Relics

Wojciech Zielinski

Neishaw Ali

Bill Halliday

Jp Giamos

Outstanding Real-Time Visuals in a Video Game

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Mark Rubin

Richard Kriegler

David Johnson

Alessandro Nardini

Crysis 3

Magnus Larbrant

Tiago Sousa

Steven Bender

Cevat Yerli

Killzone Shadow Fall

Marijn Giesbertz

Jan-Bart Van Beek

Angie Smets

NBA 2K14

Heather Marshall

JosepH Clark

Jeff Thomas

Anton Dawson

Ryse: Son of Rome

Cevat Yerli

Peter Gornstein

Chris Evans

Brian Chambers

Outstanding Visual Effects in a Commercial

Call of Duty: Epic Night Out

Leighton Greer

Robert Sethi

Felix Urquiza

Chris Knight

Galaxy Chauffeur

HeLen Hughes

Simon French

William Bartlett

Stephen Cullingford

Liberty Group Limited: Answer

James Atkinson

Rachel Mariscal

Scott Meadows

David Liu

PETA: 98% Human

Angus Kneale

Vince Baertsoen

Colin Blaney

Kyle Cody

Sony PlayStation: Perfect Day

Charlotte Arnold

Joji Tsuruga

Gavin Wellsman

Olivier Mitonneau

Outstanding Visual Effects in a Special Venue Project

Hayden Planetarium's Dark Universe

Vivian Trakinski

Jon Parker

Carter Emmart

Andreas Wetteborn

Mysteries of the Unseen World

Sean Phillips

Andy Yamada

Fred Pienkos

Matthew Sugars

Mystic Manor

Tim Landry

John Guerra

Mark Schirmer

Ken Horii

Space Shuttle Atlantis

Daren Ulmer

John Gross

Cedar Connor

Christian Bloch

SpongeBob SquarePants 4D: The Great Jelly Rescue!

Kate Crandall

Brent Young

Michael "Oz" Smith

Andrei Brovcenco

Outstanding Animated Character in a Live Action Feature Motion Picture


Max Solomon

Mathieu Vig

Michael Brunet

David Shirk

Oz the Great and Powerful: China Girl

Troy Saliba

In-Ah Roediger

Carolyn Vale

Kevin Souls

Pacific Rim

Jakub Pistecky

Frank Gravatt

Cyrus Jam

Chris Havreberg

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug: Smaug

Eric Reynolds

David Clayton

Myriam Catrin

Guillaume Francois

Outstanding Animated Character in an Animated Feature Motion Picture

Epic: Bomba

Thom Roberts

Haven Gordon Cousins

Tim Bower

Daniel Lima

Epic: Mary Katherine

Jeff Gabor

Dylan C. Maxwell

Sang Jun Lee

Chris Pagoria

Frozen: Bringing the Snow Queen to Life

Alexander Alvarado

Joy Johnson

Chad Stubblefield

Wayne Unten

The Croods: Eep

Line Andersen

Won Young Byun

Koji Morihiro

Chris De St. Jeor

Outstanding Animated Character in a Commercial or Broadcast Program

Game of Thrones: Raising the Dragons

Philip Meyer

Ingo Schachner

Travis Nobles

Florian Friedmann

PETA: 98% Human

Vince Baertsoen

Alex Allain

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