Debrianna Mansini Joins All-Star Cast of PBS Documentary AWAKENING IN TAOS

Debrianna Mansini Joins All-Star Cast of PBS Documentary AWAKENING IN TAOS

The year 2013 brought a wealth of work for this New Mexico actor and 2014 is beginning with a bang. After completing the role of Phoebe Smiles in "Drunktown's Finest," actress Debrianna Mansini went into production for a six week run in the lead role of 'Margie' in David Lindsay_baire's "Good People", directed by Janet Davidson.

In "Drunktown's Finest," Mansini played one of the very few Caucasian roles (Phoebe Smiles) in this Native American written and directed film. While filming, the production received the notification that Robert Redford would executive produce. By the close of a very successful run of "Good People," she got the news. "Drunktown" was in to the Sundance Film Festival 2014. "It was such a thrill to know we got in to Sundance- to be involved in a such an important film, where my role was a playing a doctor and a mom, a great character written and directed by an extraordinary and talented woman, Sydney Freeland. Then to be playing 'Margie', another strong female character and then on to play the great O'Keeffe. What more could an actor ask for?" The saying goes, 'be careful what you ask for'...right after her last sold out performance of O'Keeffe in "My Faraway One" by Sara Greenough at the O'Keeffe Museum, Mansini was "discovered" by the producers of "Awakening in Taos" and asked to portray the young O'Keeffe for the NM PBS biographical documentary.

"Awakening in Taos" is being produced by an independent Santa Fe based film company headed by an amazing woman in her own right, Kathleen Peters and her partner Mark Gordon. Just the kind of company that fits with Mansini's vision of promoting the roles of women. The film itself explores the story of Mabel Dodge Luhan's transformational life as a writer, salon hostess, art patron and catalyst for change, fostering the way for Modern American Art and culture to evolve into the early twentieth century. "Not only is the story one that needs to be told, it is fundamentally important to continue to pave the way for young men to see strong women as role models. Most people, men and women, i would bet, don't know the importance Mabel had on our art history. It is exciting to be part of this film and this team. What else can I say? Marsha Mason and Ali MacGraw? I feel blessed and my own dedication to my craft is coming to fruition."

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