Dark Comedy Thriller BAD KIDS GO 2 HELL, The Sequel Gets Underway

Dark Comedy Thriller BAD KIDS GO 2 HELL, The Sequel Gets Underway

Sometimes you just can't get enough of a bad thing. Take Bad Kids Go to Hell, for example. The internationally released indie film is a dark comedy thriller about prep school students serving detention in a library rumored to be haunted that was released in 2012. Bad Kids is sexy, violent and remarkably successful, having an initial theatrical release nationwide, and becoming an instant cult classic now on DVD, Netflix, Hulu, Pay TV, Digital Download, and On Demand.

Written, produced and directed by Dallas natives Matthew Spradlin and Barry "Bazz" Wernick, Bad Kids Go to Hell was based on their graphic novel of the same name. The graphic novel was a complete compilation of the 4 issue comic book series geared for mature readers 16 years and older.

Bad Kids Go 2 Hell, the graphic novel sequel, is currently in production. The novel is written and illustrated but unfortunately, Spradlin and Wernick are lacking funds to proceed any further.

Needing $5,000 for printing and distribution, Spradlin and Wernick have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds. They've received about 30% in donations thus far. To support this project and view sample pages from the graphic novel visit

For more on the comic book franchise, visit the official website at

Through Facebook and Twitter, Bad Kids has more than 20,000 followers, so Spradlin and Wernick are looking to their fans to back this effort. Plus, the product has Universal appeal.

"Spoiled rotten, private school kids at prestigious Crestview Academy get locked up in detention on a Saturday afternoon," smiles Wernick. "One by one, they get killed off and you love every minute of it... In the sequel we have shorter skirts, more mystery and a lot more people getting killed. It's fun for the whole family."

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