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Christian Slater Attends HEATHERS: THE MUSICAL & Shares Enthusiastic Reaction


Christian Slater Attends HEATHERS: THE MUSICAL & Shares Enthusiastic ReactionOccasional stage player and recognizable small screen and big screen actor Christian Slater shared his thoughts on the new screen-to-stage adaptation of cult classic HEATHERS as part of a new interview.

Of course, Slater originally starred opposite Winona Ryder in the iconic 1988 black comedy written by Daniel Waters and directed by Michael Lehmann.

Regarding the new stage adaptation, Slater succinctly shares of the experience of attending a live performance, "It was weird!"

Elaborating, Slater says, "It was weird to see that show, a musical version."

Slater adds, "But it was adorable... the director, Andy Fickman, did a great job, and the cast was really funny. What was weird was just seeing another guy up there in the black jacket, playing that part."

"There were parts of me wanted to run up on the stage," Slater candidly confided.

Additionally, Slater says he arrived after the lights went down to try to remain anonymous, relating, "I snuck in and then showed up at the end because I didn't want to make anybody nervous. I thought that I would just come in under the radar."

The affable actor even snapped a pic with the cast and posted it to his Twitter account earlier this week!

Check out the interview with Christian Slater in which he discusses HEATHERS below.

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