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Bayou Blue Coming to DVD and VOD 4/8

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Bayou Blue Coming to DVD and VOD 4/8

Garden Thieves Pictures is honored to announce that Bayou Blue, Alix Lambert and David McMahon's documentary about the victims of Ronald Dominique, will be available nationwide on cable and internet VOD and on DVD April 8th. The film explores a region's descent into darkness during a decade of horror and the efforts of those to rebuild in the aftermath of a monster's capture.

From 1997 until 2006, Dominique raped and murdered 23 men across Southern Louisiana, from New Orleans to Houma. Some of these men came from hard-working families, some were homeless, some were drug addicts, some were still high school students.

The documentary Bayou Blue tells the story of these victims who deserve to be more than numbers, of their families that maintained humanity while facing inhumane events, of everyday people working hard to protect what is good and decent, and of an unbelievably beautiful world that is quickly being absorbed into the Gulf of Mexico.

Using the audiotapes from Dominique's interrogation to guide the story, the film follows an increasingly dark trail. Included are interviews with the arresting officers, Detectives Dawn Foret and Dennis Thornton, who visit the sugar cane fields, small bayous, and ditches where Dominique discarded the bodies. Family members of four of the victims discuss their lost loved ones, their grief and their attempts to find some meaning in the reckless violence that they did not ask to enter their lives. Octavia Jones, who lost five family members to Dominique, visits the unmarked grave of her 17 year-old grandson, Wayne Smith. Veronica Guidry, who lost her son Nick, speaks of her need to know exactly what happened, desperate to know his last words.

It is the victims, their families and the officers and attorneys diligently seeking justice, that form the core of Bayou Blue. The film does not focus on the killer or the reasons for his crimes but instead examines the crimes themselves and their ripple effect on the community. It's a portrait of a place in the midst of decay, a place degenerated by its economic and environmental circumstances.

The DVD release of Bayou Blue (SRP $24.95) will be available exclusively on Amazon.

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