Alice Ripley and Robert Clohessy to Star in SUGAR! Indie Film

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Alice Ripley. Photo by Stephen Sorokoff.

Variety reports that Broadway's Alice Ripley (Next to Normal) will star opposite Robert Clohessy in the upcoming indie film SUGAR!

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With script from Leora Kalish, SUGAR! follows the housewife of a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate who starts an all-female rock band on a dare. Ripley will star as the housewife and piano teacher, singing hits in the style of Supertramp, Fleetwood Mac and Elton John.

Ripley won a Tony Award for her leading role in 2009's Next to Normal on Broadway. Ripley has also appeared on Broadway in Children and Art, Little Shop of Horrors, Dreamgirls, The Rocky Horror Show, James Joyce's The Dead, Side Show, King David, Sunset Boulevard, The Who's Tommy and Les Miserables. Her off-Broadway credits include Wild Animals You Should Know, Little Fish, Chef's Theater: A Musical Feast, The Vagina Monologues, Jubilee, Li'l Abner and more.

She also hosts her own YouTube channel, which houses more than 300 videos. Ripley's upcoming big screen projects include Isn't It Delicious and Muckland. She has also appeared in a couple episodes of NBC's 30 Rock.

Clohessy's next projects include The Wolf of Wall Street, To Whom It May Concern, Living with the Dead, Charlie Mantle and A Strong Collected Spirit. He has appeared on television in Blue Bloods, Curse of the Crimson Mask, Boardwalk Empire, New Amsterdam, Kidnapped, Oz and more.

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