A JOURNEY INTO THE HOLOCAUST Premieres Worldwide at Palm Beach International Film Festival

A JOURNEY INTO THE HOLOCAUST Premieres Worldwide at Palm Beach International Film Festival

A Journey into the Holocaust, a documentary from first-time filmmaker Paul Bachow, will have its worldwide premiere at the Palm Beach International Film Festival on April 4th, with two encore screenings on April 8th & 10th. The film is a contender in the Best Documentary competition. Paul Bachow, a first-time filmmaker who resides in South Florida, will be present for an in-depth discussion after each showing along with many of the South Florida Holocaust survivors featured in the film.

"This is the best documentary on the Holocaust we have ever seen," stated Wendy Honig, Chairperson of the Palm Beach Film Festival's Jewish Experience. "It is an honor to be both a featured film and selected for the Best Documentary competition."

"This is a film with a purpose," noted Bachow. "We've relied on Holocaust survivors for years to educate us about the Holocaust. The film will not only enhance those efforts but it will memorialize their stories. The film will also sound the siren to hopefully prevent future genocides. By raising the awareness of the warning signs, hopefully we'll be able to reduce their future occurrence." The world post-Holocaust has experienced 50 genocides or mass atrocities, resulting in the deaths of up to 24 million people.

A Journey into the Holocaust includes footage and images, most of which have not been seen widely or at all. It also includes the stories of fourteen Holocaust survivors, some residing in South Florida, and many of who had never been on camera discussing the Holocaust before. Next Generations, an organization of children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, is sponsoring the world premiere and encore screenings.

The Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, who selected A Journey into the Holocaust for inclusion in its festival and has slated a June 29th screening, said, "Nobody has ever made a film like this before."

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