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ABOUT: HAPILABS devices and applications offer devices and solutions to a happier and healthier YOU! Subscribe at to get updates! Mission The Mission of HAPILABS is to provide individuals... (read more...)

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11/21 @ 5:30 AM
HAPILABS - Try these 10 tips to stay healthy this weekend!
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11/19 @ 5:25 AM
HAPILABS - Definitely worth a read! Kill those negative thoughts and be HAPI! @huffingtonpost #happy #happiness #positivity
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11/18 @ 7:30 AM
HAPILABS - Learn what the HAPIfork can do for you in this HAPIfork demo video
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HAPIfork Now Available for Purchase!HAPIfork Now Available for Purchase!
October 02, 2013

The Bluetooth-enabled smart fork helps modify eating behavior, making people aware of eating at the right time, at the right speed - leading to an overall healthier state of being and li... (more...)

Looking to Lose Weight? How About a Connected Fork?Looking to Lose Weight? How About a Connected Fork?
January 06, 2013

HAPILABS, a company aimed at helping individuals in the 21st century take control of their HAPIness, health and fitness through applications and mobile connected devices, today introduced the HAPIfork... (more...)

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