Verizon Adding Share Everything Plans for Small Business

Verizon Adding Share Everything Plans for Small Business

For many businesses, efficient management of wireless data can be the difference between effectively serving a client and missing a sale.

From the real estate firm that has 20 brokers on the road using mobile devices to send directions and photos to clients, to the car service that monitors its fleet at multiple locations, to the business owner who uses 500 tablets across their retail stores to highlight new products, wireless data management is a bottom line necessity.

While smartphones and tablets are powerful tools for business, until now, reconciling the expenses and payments for numerous lines could be time consuming.

To simplify the data management process for business, Verizon Wireless will become the first carrier to offer shared data plans for business with the Jan. 24 debut of Share Everythingsm Plan for Small Business, and the Nationwide for Business Data Packages and Plans.

The Share Everything Plan for Small Business gives companies up to 25 lines of unlimited minutes, texts, picture and video messages with a shareable allowance of 30 GB ($225), 40 GB ($300) and 50 GB ($375), plus the monthly per line access cost based on the type of device activated. Additional options for the business customer include data only plans and for those who conduct business with our neighboring countries, a calling plan with minutes to Canada and Mexico.

New and existing customers can choose to move to these plans and add any 4G LTE smartphone, tablet, Jetpacks, netbooks, laptops, 4G LTE USBs, basic/feature phones, Home Phone Connect and other 3G or 4G LTE enabled devices to share the data allowance on their account.