VRP Announces Smartphone App for Multiple-Store Inventory Management

VRP Announces Smartphone App for Multiple-Store Inventory Management

Visual Retail Plus (VRP) has recently introduced a Smartphone app designed for managers of multiple stores, to enable more efficient inventory management and more timely responses to sales information. The VRP Smartphone app accesses the local database of each location, so that managers can have the inventory and sales information on hand at all times for each store.

For example, let's take a chain of three liquor stores. Store A may have an abundance of a certain brand of vodka, but Store C may be running low on that product. With a quick glance at the VRP Smartphone app, a manager can decide to transfer inventory to meet Store C's needs without having to reorder, therefore saving an unnecessary expense.

Store B, however, may be experiencing a shortfall in a certain brand, but inventory management control through VRP's Smartphone app shows that the product should be on hand. The manager will be alerted right away that there is a problem. Is there a real loss in terms of natural shrinkage, is there a reason to suspect employee or customer theft, or is it simply an oversight of someone not restocking shelves from back-room inventory? The Smartphone app becomes more than an inventory control tool; it becomes a management tool as well.

Woody Halevy designed the new Smartphone app for VRP. He noted that owners going between stores often can't remember their inventory off the top of their head, so they must rely on the computer in the back office for basic information. "This is too slow for today's need for quick response," he stated. "Money is wasted when time is wasted."

Inventory Management is Key to Profit Margin

With VRP's multiple-store app, each store manager can see what they have on hand and compare that to the original inventory matrix, in all of the chain's stores. This gives them the opportunity to determine if there is a need to reorder or reposition the products within the store.

Halevy explained that the VRP Smartphone app also prompts managers and sales associates to look for seemingly obvious solutions. "This app is a simple way to bring inventory to the retailer in a timely manner and increase not only sales but also customer satisfaction." Making sure that one will always have what their customer needs ensures that they'll never have to go looking elsewhere.