Tech Startup BeauCoo Launches 'The Stories Project' for Body Positivity For Women All Shapes and Sizes

Tech Startup BeauCoo Launches 'The Stories Project' for Body Positivity For Women All Shapes and Sizes

CALGARY, Alberta, Oct. 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ The Stories Project is a place where women can share their inspiring video stories and messages about body positivity.

"Research indicates that the majority of women, all shapes and sizes, share a common problem. Every woman struggles with achieving a strong positive body image and being able to feel confident in her current size and shape," says co-founder Victoria MacLean. "Our platform and community will help solve that problem, helping every woman to look and feel confident about her body right now through our positive messaging and through connections with other amazing women to help her see she is not alone in this struggle."

"Creating a socially conscious business where every woman feels she can safely post images and videos of herself is a key value to our business and community culture." says CEO Christian Maclean. "Dan Savage and his work on the It Gets Better Project ( showed the world the power of storytelling and shared experiences to create and inspire change, and we wanted to create the same platform for the Body Positivity movement."

The videos are sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, but they all have one thing in common: body positivity. By sharing their thoughts about clothes, media, and self-image, women can encourage others to live a more body positive life and inspire each other to be voices for change. Through video and social media, we believe women will transform body positivity into a global movement.

BeauCoo is the first and only body positive style network, connecting women of similar body dimensions to make it easy to find and buy clothing that helps a woman look and feel great. Using photo sharing, BeauCoo has created a safe place where women can inspire others with their style and fashion by shopping for clothes on other women, not just models. No body negativity allowed. Just pure, fashion fun for women of all shapes and sizes!