Survey Reveals that Valentine's Day is a Minefield for the Opposite Sex

Survey Reveals that Valentine's Day is a Minefield for the Opposite Sex Los Angeles, CA

After surveying more than 1,000 adults across America,, the most visited gift recommendation and advice site, sheds light on the expectations and fantasies of the sexes for the, supposedly, most romantic holiday of the year. Findings show that men and women have to focus on each other's desires if they want to steer clear of the minefield on Valentine's Day. surveyed men and women across the United States to find out where the lines cross when it comes to romance and sex, in time for Valentine's Day. “Men and women have completely opposite reactions to Valentine's Day gifting,” said Kathryn Drury Wagner, senior content manager at “Even gifting experts like us need to do research to navigate this tricky holiday!”

Survey Highlights Include:

What's Naughty
60 percent of men said naughty gifts are a turn on, while 60 percent of women said naughty gifts are a turn off.
If they want to be naughty, both genders are most turned on by an adult movie. But proving that women are more cerebral when it comes to sex, one-third of women said that racy novels get them in the mood, while books ranked last for the more visually oriented men (14 percent).

What's Sexy
60 percent of men just need to see their sweetie to get in the mood, but that only works for 25 percent of women.
What else gets guys going? Wearing sexy lingerie and cooking dinner for him at home.

40 percent of men believe that taking their partner out to dinner will get her in the mood. Men also thought that flowers and a chivalrous gesture would go a long way.
What really does it for women? 50 percent say a chivalrous gesture will get them in the mood. You also can't go wrong with taking her out to a nice dinner or for a weekend getaway.