SmartMetric Scheduled First Release of Its Products - Biometric MedicalKeyring

SmartMetric Scheduled First Release of Its Products - Biometric MedicalKeyring

Speaking today, the President and CEO of SmartMetric, Inc., Ms. Chaya C. Hendrick, said, "SmartMetric, Inc. to start selling soon direct to the public in the United States, its Electronic Medical Records device."

Designed to be carried on a person's keyring the product, aptly named the "MedicalKeyring", has built in memory, a computer processor, a power management system along with advanced text and graphic internal database created by SmartMetric to allow for the storage and display of Medical images and records.

The advanced internal Database resident in the MedicalKeyring allows for ease of medical records upload along with plug and play display of the Electronic Medical Records. All records, private medical information is stored and locked inside the device. Access to the medical records is controlled by the SmartMetric Biometric technology. Built into the MedicalKeyring is a miniature fingerprint scanner developed by SmartMetric that operates as the key to unlock the device and allow access to the internally stored Medical Records that are displayed automatically when the MedicalKeyring is inserted into a PC's USB connection. Mass production of the SmartMetric MedicalKeyring uses standard plastic production methods and does not require a specialized plastics manufacturing and assembly.

Unlike SmartMetric's fingerprint activated cards that require specially built plastics mass manufacturing machinery, the MedicalKeyring is now ready for immediate mass production. SmartMetric has decided to release as its first product for sale the MedicalKeyring. This product will be sold in the first instance in the United States using national radio advertising direct to the public. SmartMetric has decided with the business and commercial decision to manufacture and release first its portable and Biometric Electronic Medical Records device to modify the SmartMetric biometric Cards to provide for new components that provide for significant cost reductions for this product. While introducing new components for the Biometric Fingerprint activated card, SmartMetric will be able to concentrate on generating revenue from its soon to be sold MedicalKeyring. The company will then follow on after this products release with the release of the fingerprint activated cards. SmartMetric will be selling its MedicalKeyring for $89.95 in the United States. Using a national radio campaign directing buyers to the company's product site the public will be able to purchase directly from the company giving SmartMetric a low cost of distribution and marketing, thereby enhancing its net profit per unit sold. Radio advertising, apart from being a very cost effective method of mass advertising, allows the company to release its campaign nationally on very short notice and very cost effective advertising production costs. To see more about the SmartMetric, MedicalKeyring please go to

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