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Rambus Introduces Revolutionary LED Light Bulb

January 7
6:53 2013
Rambus Introduces Revolutionary LED Light Bulb

Rambus Inc., the Innovative Technology solutions company that brings invention to market, today introduced its latest lighting invention turned product - a highly efficient, long-lasting and innovative LED family of light bulbs.

The new family of bulbs offers the high-quality light, simplicity and ease-of-use of traditional incandescent bulbs while delivering the energy efficiency, durability and reliability of the most advanced LED technology. The first offering, an A19, 60 watt equivalent, is designed to provide consumers with the quality and lighting distribution of traditional incandescent bulbs using close to one-quarter the power and lasting up to 25 times longer.

These new bulbs take a fundamentally different design approach than other LED light bulbs on the market. The inventive seed of this lighting solution is Rambus' MicroLens optical technology, which in the bulb enables the use of a cylindrical light guide with the ability to produce a consistent, spherical distribution of light. This open structure allows for the innovative use of convection to keep the bulb cool. The result is a family of bulbs with increased energy efficiency, significantly improved lifetime and reduced bill of materials cost by utilizing fewer or lower-powered LEDs. The technology embodied in MicroLens optics has a proven track record in backlighting cell phones, computer screens, televisions and other displays.

The Rambus solution was designed to solve critical consumer lighting issues such as efficiency, reliability, and performance in a cost-effective manner. Building on Rambus' core strength in electronics, this bulb offers broad compatibility with dimmers, resulting in no humming or buzzing, unlike alternative offerings.

"We are pleased to introduce our revolutionary design for innovative and efficient LED bulbs. Our unique design has all the benefits of the best LED technology available and offers a significant bill of materials cost savings," said Jeffery Parker, president of the Rambus Lighting and Display Technology division.

The Rambus LED bulbs will be sold through partners and will be available at retailers and professional channels within Q2 2013. Rambus plans to expand its offerings with additional A19 and PAR offerings during 2013.

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